Car Repair: Can You Do-It-Yourself?

woman checking her car engine

When a car breaks down, most owners automatically bring it to the nearest shop for a quick fix. However, having a car repaired or serviced at the local service center can be costly. So, why don’t you just do it yourself? Surely, with the internet, you can learn how to troubleshoot and repair your vehicle, right?

Well, that is not always the case. While anyone can try to fix their car by following a step-by-step guide online, it still takes more than a free article on the web to get this job done.

So, should you try to take the DIY route to repair your car? Or, would you be better off leaving it at the shop?

Technical skills and equipment

If you are trying to save some cash, you may think that repairing your car by yourself is the best course of action take. Yes, you will be able to save a few extra dollars by doing so. However, if you do not really know what you are doing, you might only end up doing more damage than good.

Yes, you can read about common car problems online. But, do you actually know how to fix them in real life? Do you even know the parts you need to look for? Do you have the right tools to make the necessary repairs?

For certain repairs like tire rotations and oil changes, you can easily get the job done with minimal tools and skills. For more complex repairs like engine overhauls and brake replacements, however, it takes a more experienced hand to keep things in order.

Unless you have the necessary skills and equipment, the cheaper option would be to leave the job to the pros. Also, for more complex tasks like full-body repainting, how often does a normal person have a fully functioning automotive spray booth in the garage?

If you do have the capacity and technical knowledge to tinker with your car, then go right ahead. But there is another thing that you should aware of before you start messing with your vehicle.

car key and insurance policy

Car insurance and auto warranty

If something happens to your car because you decided some time ago to fix or mess around with it yourself, your insurance may not cover it.

Most car insurances only cover accidents and damages caused by other parties. An auto warranty covers any damages or quality defects within a specific period. If at any time you decide to take matters into your own hands, you may be waiving your insurance and warranty.

It would be a shame to let such expensive insurance policies and warranties go to waste. If you still have a warranty or insurance, make sure you use those first for any repairs. And just to be safe, always bring your car to the professionals, so none of your insurance policies or warranties will be voided.

Should you repair your car? Well, it depends. If you can easily do the repair yourself and you only need minimal tools, then you can always do so. However, for more complex repairs and jobs, the best course of action would still be to take the car to the professionals. Do not risk your safety over a few extra dollars. Your life and that of your passengers are far more important than that.

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