Green Things Up: Making Your Office More Eco-Friendly

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With the state the world is in, everyone should be doing their part to make it a bit better. This is why, as a business owner, you might want to improve your own business practices by making your company more eco-friendly. It may sound like it is difficult to do, but there are actually several reasonable ways in which you can have a more sustainable office environment. Here are some of the more reasonable ways you can do so.

Create Some Green Space

If you own your building and surroundings, then why not put some effort into creating some green space? There are many commercial landscaping services in Shreveport and nearby areas that can turn almost any spare space you have into a small place of nature. Though it may seem like a small step considering the mountains of concrete all over the place, it is a great way to highlight nature in your daily operations.

Having a green space also provides additional benefits. If you have space enough and position your trees right, you can expect natural shade to lower your cooling bill by 25 percent. They also provide clean air and spaces for your employees to relax in on their breaks. Though they can require some upkeep, most green spaces are self-sustaining and just need some help to thrive so for a small investment, you can get massive returns.

Embrace Renewable Energy

It may surprise you, but developments in renewable energy technology make it possible for your company to generate some of its own power. Today’s solar panels are much more efficient and, if you have enough space on your roof, you can expect to take a bite out of your company’s energy bills. It is a big investment, though, and it will take years to pay off, but it can be worth it.

It does not even need to be high-tech. For most of the day, natural light is a better choice than using indoor lighting. Work with interior designers so that your offices have proper lighting from the sun. Plus, insulation in your windows can help greatly with your heating and cooling expenses.

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Going Paperless

Inside the office, there are several changes that can be very friendly. One of these is the complete elimination of paper. Thanks to digital technology, most documents can be electronic. For internal purposes, you can send memos via email while storing documents is best on various cloud servers. For external dealings, you might have to print a few pages or so for contracts, but the complete elimination of paper is possible. This gets rid of the greatest source of waste in your office and can save you money in the long run.

Proper Waste Management

Implementing a proper recycling system can go a long way in helping the environment. Plastics, glass, and other waste need proper disposal while biodegradable waste should go to the compost heap for your own green spaces.

Being environmentally-friendly does not mean that you have to go overboard. There are several reasonable methods that will allow you to make your office a great place to work in while also protecting the environment. The ways above are a good start. Besides helping the environment, they can also ensure that your employees are happy to work at your office.

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