Being Familiar with Construction Site Injuries

injured construction worker

Once upon a time, that building you are working at was just a flat piece of land without concrete formations. Construction projects helped transform it into what it is today.

But aside from the skills showcased by various construction professionals like architects, engineers, contractors, and workers, there is another side of project construction that people do not often know about — injuries.

People working in the construction industry are prone to sustaining work-related injuries because of the nature of the job. Personal protective equipment (PPE) suppliers are needed to help protect people in the field.

However, sometimes, having protective equipment alone is not enough. One should also be aware of the most common injuries sustained in the field in order to be more vigilant and avoid it from happening.

Common construction site injuries

A lot of things can happen in a construction site. One of which is falling and slipping. Because construction workers are often in high places, falling is not uncommon. Sometimes, because of the working condition, slips can also happen.

Electrocution is also fairly common and often affects people who are working around live wires. They can cause minor shocks or even deadly ones. Sometimes, explosions and fire caused by fluctuating electricity or other sources can also happen in a construction area.

But human error and neglect do not only happen in construction sites. They also particularly happen when operating machines. Pressing the wrong button just because one is sleepy can cause serious injury to oneself or to others.

Getting caught between heavy objects and machinery might seem gruesome, but they happen quickly, and not to mention, can cause serious consequences.

How to prevent such incidents

co-workers talking at construction site with bulldozer behind themAccidents can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. Thus, proper precautionary measures should always be carried out in the construction area. Wearing the right protective equipment is a good start. So is having the right warning and labels around areas where care and precaution should be observed.

Sometimes, lack of warning visibility is the reason why people get into accidents. To prevent machine-related accidents, the operator himself should be well trained to handle the equipment.

Refresher courses, or further learning to properly operate newer models should be done. Machines should also be inspected regularly and repaired or replaced when needed.

Complications from construction accidents

A person on duty who is not wearing the right kind of helmet and suddenly slipped and hit his head causing severe brain injury might be on the losing side of a legal case. Construction areas without proper safety labels and warning wherein workers got into serious accidents will also be another. The point is, legal and medical complications are bound to happen when accidents happen in the construction area.

So, instead of going through such hassle and complexity, it pays to be vigilant. Wearing the right protective gears, following safety precautions and instructions, as well as investing time and effort in making necessary inspection and maintenance might require additional effort. But, the safety and security that you can get in return is something worth it.

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