Why Your Next Home Should be a Townhouse

Neighborhood of townhouses

A townhouse is fast becoming the residence of choice for new homeowners. Townhouses are being packaged as the middle ground between a house and an apartment, and they can actually have the best of both worlds.

When looking through a listing of homes for rent in cities like Daybreak in Utah, more townhouses are being built as a less expensive alternative to the boxy feeling of apartments and condominiums.

Here are more reasons a townhouse could be the best option for your next home:

Lower costs compared to a single house

When you get tired of living in an apartment or condominium because you feel that it’s not spacious enough and you don’t get much outdoor exposure, you begin to explore your options. If you’re looking for a single house, there would not be too many options in good locations. The few listings that you find would have very high prices.

This is because many new housing projects are now embracing the townhouse model. Townhouses are structured to take up less land than single houses, but they do offer many perks. First, a townhouse is a legitimate house and lot and the parcel of land is fully owned by the owner.


When compared to a single-family home, there is significantly less cost and effort devoted to maintenance when you live in a townhouse. Many townhouse projects have a real community with homeowners’ associations that will handle the external maintenance concerns. This is part of the agreement to keep the standard look and façade.

There would be some critics of this since it does not allow much individuality or freedom of design, but it’s better than what apartments offer, which does not have an exterior façade, just a door and windows.

Many prospective homeowners would prefer the relief of not taking care of the outdoor maintenance rather than responsibility and cost of the house all your own. A townhouse community would take care of the driveways, parking lots, and common areas. The repairs and maintenance of those areas could also be costly.


Some townhouse communities have their own security arrangement, although that entails added association fees. However, even for townhomes that do not hire added security guards, the proximity of townhomes does make it more secure than a single-family house.

Since families share a wall, there is a possibility that any commotion in one house would be noticed by their neighbors. This can also discourage robbers who may want to prey on your unoccupied home as they would rather choose isolated single homes with less chance of getting noticed.


Swimming pool near townhouses

Since the townhouses are built as a community, many townhouses villages have facilities that are often offered in condominiums. Some townhouse villages have swimming pools, gyms, and sports facilities like basketball or tennis courts. Take note of all the amenities that each townhouse offers. You can have fun family time without having to build your own pool in your backyard.

Shared Utility Expenses

For homeowners associations, you can have security and utility services like trash and landscaping. This is all part of maintaining the standard appearance, and you can use it to your advantage.

A townhouse offers many advantages as it seeks to be the middle ground of apartments and single-family houses. It is a more affordable alternative to a single-house, and yet, it can still have the same benefits of being part of a community like apartments and condominiums.

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