Home Maintenance 101: Is Your Roof Wind-Damaged?

Metal tilde roof

Your roof is made of robust material that can withstand most storms and rains. But repeated exposure to the elements can still break it down. One common problem that arises after a particularly harsh storm is wind-damaged roofs.

When Strong Winds Blow

Wind-damaged roofs leave your home susceptible to the next storm, increasing the damage on the rest of your roof. This results in higher cost of repairs as you’d have to replace both the newly damaged shingles and fill in the spots left by the previous ones.

You should first determine whether the last storm weathered your roof to the point where it appears wind damaged to avoid unnecessary expense on future repairs. At the first sign of a crack or a loose shingle, have it repaired by local and experienced roofers right away before the damage worsens.

At the first sign of damage, the roof needs to undergo repairs right away to avoid vulnerability during the next storm.

Exterior Signs

Strong winds can uproot, tear, and break roof shingles. Depending on where the wind blows, the shape of the roof and its location, negative pressure can cause tension on the roof shingles, causing it to break.

Normal wind pressure on the roof won’t cause any harm, but strong winds coupled with heavy rains make your roof susceptible to breakage and severe damage.

Some signs you need to look out for are curled composition shingles, loss of granulation, and missing shingles. These are sure signs of wind damage on your roof that needs immediate repairs.

Additionally, a torn chimney flashing also results from wind damage. Soffit and fascia, which show signs of decay or stains, also indicate wind damage. Split or curled wood shake with mold and decay also shows obvious roof damage.

The excessive presence of cement and crumbling on some or more parts of your roof also show serious roof damage. Also, gutters that contain numerous shingle granules from broken roof shingles, with leaky seams and missing sections indicate a badly damaged roof.

These are all outdoor signs to look for to see if your roof has suffered through wind damage. But are there interior signs that indicate your roofing system may not shelter you from harsh elements or collapse in on your home?

Interior Signs

Water damaged ceiling

Indoor signs for wind damage from the roof may appear as yellowish-brown stains on the walls and ceilings. These stains indicate that water has entered through the roof and drenched the wood on the ceiling with rainwater. Moisture marks and peeling paint, as well as leaks in the attic and having damp rafters all point out to a wind-damaged roof.

Any kind of damage leaves the rest of the roof, as well as your ceiling and your home, vulnerable to the elements. Protect your home from further damage and possible electrical accidents in the future by having your roof repaired right away. Routine maintenance from a professional service also helps preserve its structural integrity. When you take care of your roof today, it’ll take care of you tomorrow.

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