When You Need to Repair Your Furnace

Plumber fixing gas furnace

To achieve a healthy and comfortable home environment, it’s ideal to invest in professional furnace installation services. In Salt Lake City, for instance, you can have a new and reliable heating system through skilled furnace installers. With the best equipment and heating option, your family will live conveniently for a long time.

Unfortunately, even a well-maintained furnace deteriorates over time. Though it may seem that your existing heater hasn’t stopped working completely, there are certain things that you must be aware of that will give you an idea that something’s wrong. Early detection is important so that you can get away from trouble.

Here are the early signs your heater needs fixing:

1. Increased Utility Bills

Do you know that heaters decrease their efficiency as they age, especially if they don’t receive regular maintenance? If there’s a drastic increase in your utility bill, you need to start inspecting your heating system. Most probably, it doesn’t perform at its best anymore because of a certain issue. If your heater can’t perform well, it leads to a prolonged period to give you the heat that your family necessitates.

If you need help on this matter, contact a reliable HVAC technician near you, as they have the experience and equipment to check and fix the problem.

2. The Thermostat Stops Functioning

When the thermostat stops responding, you won’t get the heat that you need. Typically, this device can be damaged due to loose wiring or electrical problems. Don’t try to fix this by yourself to avoid getting injured. Call a trained HVAC technician for further assistance to ensure your safety.

3. Yellow Flame Instead of Blue

When your heater is new, it should produce a blue flame during operation. When you notice that it shows a yellow flame instead, you need to be aware that something is wrong with the system. A yellow flame is an indication that there’s leaking carbon monoxide in the equipment. This gas can pose a threat to your family when inhaled. But don’t worry, as this can easily be fixed by a trusted furnace technician.

4. Strange Noise Coming from the Equipment

Technician looking over a gas furnace with a flashlight before cleaning it

Here are the kinds of noises that you can hear from a malfunctioning heater:

  • Popping
  • Rattling
  • Humming
  • Screeching/Squealing

Typically, the noise arises when the filter is too dirty. Cleaning it can stop the problem. But if the issue is still happening after putting a clean filter, there might be a part of the system that is malfunctioning. Hiring a technician is the best way to detect and fix the issue.

5. Dust and Gas Smells

If the heater is malfunctioning due to its old age, you will notice an increase in dust and dry air inside your home. Don’t tolerate this situation, as it can lead to allergies, asthma, and other health issues. Contact a heater expert immediately, especially if you smell gas leaking from the heater.

To ensure that you can snuggle up in bed with your favorite blanket and get a good night’s sleep, invest in the right heating system. Professionals are readily available to provide the comfort that your family needs. A furnace at home is a practical solution if building a fireplace is not the best option. Modern heater designs will suit your taste and comfort needs.

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