What to Do if Someone is Having a Stroke


A stroke happens when the brain does not get the blood and oxygen it needs. It can happen suddenly within just a few seconds. Some people don’t even realize that they are having a stroke. The longer the stroke, the higher the chances that a person may die.

Thus, treatment must be immediate and acted upon by a specialist. The best way is to treat the person in a hospital. First aid may be done to help an individual if you can recognize its symptoms. Here are some of the things you can do if you see someone having a stroke:

1. Signs

There are four easy ways on how to identify if someone is having a stroke. This is called F.A.S.T. Recognize these and you may do your first aid from there. F is for face drooping. If you can see that the person’s half or whole face looks like it is falling, it is a sign of stroke. It may look frozen as if that person cannot move it. A is for arm weakness. Ask the person to raise his arms or move his fingers. S is for speech difficulty. Since the person has half of his face numb, it will be difficult for him to speak. Ask an answerable question or let him repeat what you are saying. Lastly, T is for time to call for the emergency hotline.


2. Call the Emergency Hotline

The second step is to call the emergency hotline. Although if you do not know the signs and symptoms of stroke, it is best to call an ambulance. The operator will also ask you for details about the person. You may describe it and observe it. Include the rough time estimate you have seen it happen. There are immediate care actions that the operator will ask you to do. Simply follow them to decrease the chances of the individual having more considerable damage in his body.

3. Waiting

While waiting for the ambulance, do not let the person sleep. Ask him to stay awake and do everything you can to prevent sleeping. Talk to him and positively reassure him that he will get the proper treatment he needs. Do not be put negative thoughts in his mind. No need to give him food and water as well as it may hinder the emergency treatment the paramedic may provide. If you think medicine will be helpful in this situation, you are definitely wrong. It may just worsen the case so do not give him his prescription during the situation. Be patient while waiting. It may take only 3 to 10 minutes before help arrives. The person who is having a stroke needs to ride the ambulance to get the care that he needs before proceeding to the hospital.

After all of the treatment done in the hospital, the person who had a stroke may now live his life again. Although there may be some complications still, what he can do is to attend neurology services. In St. George, they offer the best care with the most experienced specialist. Life will still go on for him. Endure this as it is only a trial, and he can overcome this with the proper actions to take.

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