Want Your Very Own Private Getaway? See How You Can Have One

outdoor tub

So you’ve finally realized your backyard’s five-star potential, and now you’re here because you’re looking for ideas to get your creative juices flowing — we’re here to help! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Make Room for a Small Tub

No pool? No problem. An outdoor hot tub is an excellent alternative to a pool, especially when you have a small or odd-shaped backyard space. You can have a custom-made hot tub from these builders in Utah, and they can have it made with a fibreglass shell that is resistant to algae growth. A fibreglass surface doesn’t require any liner replacement, making it the easiest and most cost-effective outdoor tub to own and maintain. Please note that the ideal water temperature for hot tubbing is at 104F for the optimum therapeutic temperature level.

Set Up a Dining Area

dining area

Setting up a dining space in the backyard is the best way to enjoy al fresco dining in a more intimate and personal environment. An outdoor dining space is a great addition to your backyard setup, making it the perfect place to entertain friends and family. It’s also the perfect place for morning coffee, where you can enjoy the outdoors and have a bit of time all to yourself before you start the day. Have kids in your home? Set up a small play area near the dining area so kids can snack and play outside, and get some fresh air. For uniquely small spaces, consider using a Murphy Table to make the most out of your outdoor space.

Create a Mini Garden

Setting aside a corner to create a garden is a great idea to bring life into the space. Add a touch of nature with beautiful and colorful potted flower plants and get that lush green lawn look without the maintenance work by using artificial turf. Love cooking? If your kitchen door opens directly facing the backyard or if you have a kitchen window that does, you can make a kitchen garden with herbs and spices in small pots that are located in an accessible spot from the kitchen window or near the door area. If you need to add a dose of freshness to your home-cooked dishes, simply head out to your mini herb garden for a fresh batch of herbs and spices.

Build a Corner Shed

A small shed that can be used for different purposes is an excellent addition to your backyard design. Use it as a reading nook, a workspace, an arts and crafts room, or an outdoor sleeping area – you decide! A small shed is the ideal auxiliary room. It’s multi-purpose and adds a charming touch to your backyard design. It can also be used to house seasonal plants to protect them from the summer heat or the extreme winter cold, and also a place where you can keep a locker for your gardening tools to keep them in a safe spot and out of children’s reach.

Dividing your space into different zones puts a logical order in designing the area, so you can create one that is functional and serves your needs. Replicating the relaxation spaces within your home is a great way to start the design with, and then incorporate features that will turn your backyard into your very own 5-star relaxation spot.

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