Bug Off: Sustainable Ways to Keep Pests Off Your Garden


It’s frustrating to see a cute animal munching away at one of the cabbages that you grew. For one, they’re eating a part of what could’ve been tonight’s dinner. Secondly, it’s difficult to ward them off because they’re so adorable. You can’t really avoid these encounters, yet you can’t tolerate it either.

Here’s what you can do to prevent (cute) pests in your garden.

Fence Them Off

The most effective way of keeping away animals from your garden is through fencing. To make sure that your plots are safe, invest in a metal fence that’s at least 8 feet high. This will keep small critters like rabbits and squirrels away. The height of the fence also prevents deer from jumping over them. Opt for a taller fence that you can burrow deeper into the ground if you’re worried about underground travelers like gophers and moles. You can also wrap the burrowed half of the fence with wire mesh to keep those pesky little diggers away.

Elevate Your Plot

Planting your crops in the ground is an easy and cheap way to grow your garden, but it also makes them vulnerable to pests. It’s better to elevate your plants with raised plots. These beds can be made of wood or cement. You can buy raised garden kits online. The usual height of a raised plot is about six to eight inches high. If you want maximum protection against critters like bunnies, however, you might want to increase the height to about two to three feet.

Use Homemade Repellents

Pest repellent

It’s understandable that the critters that eat your crops are driven by pure instinct. You should still show them compassion and respect. This is why they should be given tough love through repellents. Though you can buy ready-made repellents from the nearest gardening store, creating your own repellent from scratch is more sustainable. Garlic and pepper sprays are plant-friendly repellents that keep various animals like deer, rabbits, and squirrels away from your crops.

Eliminate Insects with Frogs and Toads

Pests like worms, grasshoppers, and slugs often come unnoticed when they feed on your crops. Frogs and toads eat those pests without harming your garden. You can create a welcome environment for frogs and toads by leaving a bowl of water next to your plants. Once they’re in your garden, set up shelters for them using clay pots with holes. Once you have your amphibian sanctuary set up, you just need to relax and watch your healthy crops grow.

Build an Old-Fashioned Scarecrow

Scarecrows are seen as more of a Halloween decoration nowadays, but they’re still quite effective against birds. You only need old clothes, some hay, and old pieces of wood to set them up. Attaching reflective materials like CDs and foil is effective in warding off birds. It also helps to move the scarecrow around at least once a week so they’ll still be seen as living, breathing threats.

Finding sustainable ways to keep pests off your garden is always worth it. They’re as effective as traditional methods. Plus, they’re safer for your crops and the environment in general. It takes a bit of elbow grease to execute these organic methods, but you’ll be thanking yourself once you’re eating the guilt-free salad that you hand-picked yourself.

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