Types of Film-Forming Wood Finishes

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Most property owners are now investing substantial monetary amounts creating the perfect outdoor living space. The realisation of the benefits of fresh air and the trendy concept of green living has informed this shift. Outdoor spaces now feature exceptional walkways, blooming plants, sparkling pools and beautiful structures.

One element seen in most exterior landscaping designs is a staircase to get people to different elevated sections. When people think of outdoor spaces, few associate them with timber stairs even if installed by the best NZ-based expert.

This is because of the effect of harsh weather elements on wood. This was a genuine concern in the past. But there are now products that will enhance the look of wood in your outdoors while protecting it from harsh elements.

Film-forming finishes are among the popular choices for enhancing the protection and look of your wooden stairs. These are the longest-lasting among the available products for wood protection. The following are the types of film-forming finishes that might apply to your outdoor living space.

Exterior Paint

This option will completely block UV rays and seal the wood in your exteriors from microbial attacks and water damage. It is nonetheless an ideal choice for wooden elements that will not get wet too often. The ingredients of the exterior paint include additives, pigments and a clear finish.

The additives are designed to counter specific elements in your environment and should be matched to your exteriors. Acrylic latex is your best choice of exterior paint since it lasts longer and has better UV resistance compared to oil-based paints. Moreover, it is porous and will let your wood surfaces breathe.

Solid-coloured Stains

These contain a higher binder content than semi-permanent stains but are thinner compared to exterior paints and will need frequent re-coating. Solid-coloured stains are however easy to apply and re-coat and will allow some of your natural wood characteristics to show through them.

The stains are an ideal choice for your deck stairs, shingles, and outdoor furniture since they can withstand constant water pooling.

Clear Varnishes

varnishing wood

These are ideal if you want to highlight the grain, figure and colour of your natural wood while protecting it from decay, weathering and wear. Though expensive, clear varnishes preserve your surfaces from abrasion and are liquid-resistant.

If not applied and reapplied frequently and correctly, however, they will flake, peel, blister or crack and need replacement rather than repair. Marine varnishes are considered the best among clear varnishes for the protection of outdoor wooden surfaces.


This undergoes a chemical reaction during its drying, making it a curing finish. The chemical reaction is irreversible. Though this means polyurethane finishes will offer you optimal surface protection and resistance to scratches, wear, heat and water damage, it also makes them hard to repair.

Too many layers of the finish will also leave your wooden surfaces looking plastic-like.

With the above-film forming finishes, you can now confidently invest in a wooden staircase for your exteriors. Several design alternatives now exist guaranteed to transform your outdoors into exceptional landscapes without spending too much.

You nonetheless should work with an expert to pick and construct a design that matches your desired look and remains functional.

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