Theft Prevention: How Not to Make Your Car a Target

row of cars in a parking space

Every car owner should know that getting auto insurance is a must to protect yourself against damages to your vehicle or even yourself. But if you already have car insurance in Chicago, it does not necessarily mean you will feel more at ease if your vehicle gets stolen.

Fortunately, Chicago is not on the top of the list of cities with the most number of reported car thefts. Still, you might want to double your efforts in making sure that no thieves will get your car.

Do not hide spare keys under your car

Surprisingly, there are still a lot of drivers who think that hiding a spare key somewhere underneath their vehicle is wise. If you have been doing this, stop it immediately. Hide your spare key in your person and not in your car. Thieves often check the underside of vehicles to see if there are keys hidden there.

Double lock your garage

If your car is parked inside your garage, make sure that the garage door is shut tightly and you have double locks. Thieves rely on speed to steal vehicles. So, if you make it harder for them to break into your garage by double locking your doors, then they will be persuaded to cease their criminal activity.

man trying to flash light into the car

Park under a light

If you do not have a garage for your vehicle and you have to park it on the street, choose an area that is well lit. Thieves also rely on darkness so that they can break into a car discreetly. If you park your car in a well-lit place, they might be dissuaded to target your vehicle.

If you are using a parking lot or facility, like the ones in New York, try parking your car near the attendant. Thieves can be brazen sometimes, and would target parking garages because they are often monitored by only one attendant with several cars in one facility.

You can also park your vehicle in an area where foot traffic is high. The presence of other people will deter a thief from stealing your car.

Use anti-theft devices

If you follow the tips above and add a lock to your steering wheel, any thief might choose not to steal your car. This is because when a thief inspects your car, they might think that it is too much of a hassle to break into.

Do not keep valuables inside

Another reason some thieves decide to steal a car is when they spot valuable items inside. Some thieves might break into your car to steal the valuable items, while others might go as far as to steal the whole vehicle.

So, do not keep any valuable item inside your car. If you do have some that you cannot bring with you, then make sure they are properly hidden. Do not tempt fate by showcasing your valuable property to potential thieves.

Having your car stolen is a big hassle even if you have insurance. So, follow these steps and secure your vehicle from criminals. It is worth the effort.

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