The World’s Most Discreet Orthodontic Treatment

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The word orthodontics may make some people immediately think of metal train tracks on the teeth and this mental image may cause them to feel that orthodontics is simply not an option to fix their smiles. However, the world has changed quite a bit since the 90s and orthodontics have come a long long way since then too; there are a host of options available to patients both young and mature who need to have their teeth straightened that don’t involve any metal glinting on the teeth, and Invisalign in Harley Street is one of the most discreet so anyone can fix their smiles no matter what is wrong with it.

What is Invisalign?

This system uses clear aligners to fix malpositioned teeth by gently pushing them into place over the period of only a few months. People can go about their professional or active lives while undergoing treatment and those around them will be none the wiser. Invisalign can treat the following problems:

Crooked teeth – Not everyone, in fact almost no one, grows out a set of perfectly straight teeth that sit next to each other exactly the way they should and if there is a problem with crooked teeth Invisalign can take care of it in most cases. However, if there is a severely crooked tooth that faces the wrong way completely, it may be decided by the dentist to first pull that tooth into a better position with a set of braces before moving onto a clear aligner treatment, but this is only necessary in severe cases.

Overcrowded teeth – Sometimes one’s jaw is simply too small to fit all the teeth in a row, so in this case, teeth will become crowded and overlap one another as they push for position. This is often seen in the front 6 teeth as the back teeth often push them out of place. A dentist will be able to create a bit more space between the teeth so that the clear aligners can correct them.

Gapped teeth – This is the opposite problem to overcrowded teeth. There are occasions where teeth are too small and don’t fill the space of the dental arch correctly causing gaps between the teeth. Clear aligners will push all the teeth into place so that they sit snugly next to one another.

Malocclusions – This issue covers all bite problems; overbite, underbite, crossbite, and open bite can all be corrected with the right application of clear aligners.

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The right application

Orthodontics is a speciality in dentistry that takes extra years of study, but with Invisalign, dentists are able to use modern technology to exactly treat crooked smiles and make them perfect. This technology uses 3D scanning and imaging technology which not only takes an exact copy of a patient’s teeth and mouth but uses the digital information to create a custom treatment plan as well as simulate how the teeth will shift over time, making the dentist’s job that much easier and the patient’s treatment so much more exact.

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