Stripping Down: The Battle Between the Auto Body Shop and DIY Approach

Fixing a car in an auto shop

As a car owner, you only want the best for your “baby.” You take care of it, do regular checks, add to what it lacks, and make as few damages as you can. However, there are little accidents that you can’t avoid. You will have to spend on repairs and repainting which can lead you to one of two things: bringing it to a body shop or going the DIY route.

However, you should be careful in choosing the latter since not all car owners are car experts. You may be familiar with all the makes and models as well as tips available on magazines and online blogs but actually putting it into practice is a whole new experience. If you really want your vehicle to be okay, then here are some aspects of the two choices that you’d want to think about.

Experience and Expertise

One factor that separates DIY enthusiasts from professionals is their experience in the field. They have all the right skill sets to take on projects for your car’s repair and cosmetic needs. If you choose to do it yourself, you’ll be faced with a monumental task. You have to prepare the place you’ll be doing it in and have the necessary skill for the operation needed.

It will take you months or even years to master at least one or two aspects of car repair and even longer if you have bigger cars. When you compare all of that to taking it to a place where people are well-prepared for the task at hand, the answer is quite simple. Still, if you want to proceed on your own after you buy a used Skoda, consider taking courses and attending seminars related to car repairs and paint jobs.

Tools and Equipment

Aside from knowing what to do and being good at it, auto body shops are also complete with all the tools of the trade. It is their business to make sure that they have all the equipment to accommodate all kinds of vehicles.

This is unlike going the DIY route, where you’ll have to prepare the place and obtain the tools you need, presenting a challenge in terms of finances. If you think you’ll save because you’re doing it yourself, then you have to think again. Bringing your car to a shop isn’t that expensive and will take less time and effort on your part.


auto mechanic repairing vehicle inside workshop

Would you rather spend the weekend on family bonding time or working tirelessly on fixing up your car? You’ll be surprised to know that a considerable amount would actually prefer the latter. But would it be the most convenient?

Ask yourself how confident you are in proceeding with the DIY project. Do you know enough to finish the job in a satisfactory fashion? If you can’t say a solid “yes” to both of these, then don’t think twice about hiring the services of the experts.

DIYs have risen to prominence thanks to the power of viral videos and helpful tips online. While they may be great ways to start a career on the side or full-time, you would need to understand that there are certain factors behind top-tier service. Do you want the best paint job for your car? Then don’t hesitate to bring it down to the shop. You may learn something new from the people there, too.

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