Space for Serenity: 3 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa-Like Retreat

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Going to the spa is, without question, one of the best ways to relax and unwind. But, admit it, you don’t pamper yourself there as much as you would want to. It’s just too much work getting there. It takes too much money spending time there, and it’s too much of an angst leaving when all you want is to linger some more.

It’s no surprise that people are taking the spa right into their homes. If you’ve noticed, most bathrooms featured in renovation shows or interior design magazines are Zen-like, self-care-obsessed spaces, reminding you of pampering sessions at a day spa. If you want to have the same spa-like retreat at your home, here are the things you should keep in mind during renovations:

Pay attention to colors and textures.

Spas have a distinct set of character and hues. For one, they use natural textures, like stonewalls, wooden floors, and potted or hanged plants. All these elements contribute to the atmosphere of relaxation in the space. Incorporate the same features in your bathroom.

Make the stonewall the focal point of the room, the backdrop for your freestanding bathtub, or your bathroom vanity. Use engineered wood for your floors, as this material can withstand pools of water for a long period.

As for the plants, go for those that need only little light and can thrive in high humidity. Aloe Vera, snake plant, and bamboo are perfect options. In case you don’t want greenery in the space, at least orient the layout of your bathroom to an outdoor view, like a garden. This should be one of your priorities when doing a bath and shower remodeling project with Davis County interior designers.

Make your tub or shower space distinct.

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If your bathroom has a slanted or arched ceiling or a big window, keep the bath and shower space near there. If you could add a divider, let’s say a transparent glass, install it to enclose that area.

What’s the rationale? The bath and shower is the space you would most likely spend longer hours in, so you want to keep your views away from the not-so-pleasing elements in the room, like the toilet or the pipes under your bathroom sink. The unique architecture of the room, the arched ceiling, and the huge windows, as well as the dividers, can do that.

If you have a small space, it might be challenging to add some more partitions. However, with a bit of adjustment in your layout, you can pull it off. Ask your interior designer about re-layouting the room.

Throw in the artsy elements.

The little details really make for the relaxing spa vibe. Replace cabinet hardware, faucets, and mirror frames with gold finishes. Add some bathtub caddy — if you’re in some tight budget, you can repurpose old planks in your bookshelves to make one.

Consider open shelves and fill it with accessories, like wicker baskets, climbing plants, neutral-toned towels, and of course, the ultimate spa essential: candles. If you could vary the sizes of your candles, better. Don’t forget the bathroom rugs. Match it with your color scheme and the existing textures in the space. Include all these artsy elements to increase that soothing, calming vibe in the room.

You don’t have to book an appointment to your favorite day spa on the weekend and spend bucks on a single pampering session. You can have the relaxation you want right at your own home — if you renovate your bathroom with these in mind.

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