What is SEO? A short guide


Do you run a dental surgery and are wondering why you are having a hard time attracting new patients?

There could be many reasons, but one of the most prevalent ones that many dental surgeries are discovering is that it is due to their dental website, the quality of their marketing and,

more importantly, the quality of their website’s SEO.

If you have never heard of SEO, it stands for search engine optimisation, which is a set of tools and ways to set up a website, so it complies with the Google algorithm. This, in turn, ensures

that it is listed higher on any search engine result page.

Confused? Don’t worry! This short guide provides an introduction to SEO and how it can help build your dental surgery up and help you to attract more patients.

What is search engine optimisation?

As highlighted before, SEO or search engine optimisation is simply wherein your dental surgery website is made over or optimised to comply with the Google algorithm.

As the Google algorithm changes regularly, it is important to keep your surgery up to date and stay on the first page of search engine results, meaning your dental SEO is better left to the hands of a marketing team who knows how to keep the page up to date, rather than letting it fall behind and lose its position in the rankings.

But SEO refers to things such as unique content on your webpage, a fast-loading page, mobile optimisation and a logical layout. All of these will attract the Google bots to your website, which will keep you at the front, thus attracting more patients! Great!

Google bots

Person Using Macbook Air

The Google bots are what you are aiming to attract to your surgery page with these SEO practices, and it is fair to say that they can be fussy!

They are looking for keywords, so if someone is searching for ‘dental implants in Luton’ and your dental surgery is located in Luton, and the words ‘dental implants in Luton’ are on your surgery page multiple times alongside the original content, you will be ranked higher.

Also, in 2022, Google bots are being activated more with voice typing or the ‘hey Siri’ option on a smartphone and other devices. So, your surgery page will now also have to have a more conversational tone in order to be up to date with these SEO tricks to attract the Google bots.

The role of your website

Your website, as mentioned before, is your calling card and to be successful with SEO, it has to have a logical layout, have unique, plagiarism-free content and have more technical aspects, too, such as being fast to load and mobile access. Without these things, your website will fall down on the search engine pages and won’t be noticed.

For most people who run a dental surgery, this is outside of their scope of knowledge, so it is best to hire a marketing team to oversee this aspect for you, so you can rest assured that your surgery site, the marketing and the SEO are in professional hands.

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