Permanent Hair Removal Is Possible with Cosmetic Laser Treatment

smooth skin of a woman's leg

Some people are born with thin or light-colored hair, while others have to struggle to remove dark, coarse hair that grows abundantly. You cannot wear certain clothing because you are conscious of body hair.

You might have light skin, but the hair that grows — rather quickly — is of dark contrast. If you are tired of shaving and don’t want to try out electrolysis, then it is time to talk about laser hair removal with a specialist in Draper.

Permanent results

The first thing you need to know about the removal of body hair using a laser is that the results are permanent. It is the best option if you thin unwanted hair is bothersome, and don’t want to think of it again.

Delay or inhibition if hair growth occurs when heat from the laser beam damages the hair follicles. Once damaged the follicle may or may not grow hair again. With repeated treatment on the targeted area, the number of hairs that grows decreases markedly.

Most people notice the hair growth after treatment is sparse and light colored. You cannot expect hair to grow eventually if treatment is successful in destroying the follicle, and if your cosmetic surgeon is highly skilled.

When and where to expect best results

If you have dark hair with a coarse texture, then you are the best candidate for laser removal. The beam is particularly drawn to the melanin or pigment that makes hair dark. The success of the procedure depends on a number of factors, including cooler, coarseness, and the growth cycle of hair.

Removal of hair using laser technology is effective in any body part given numerous treatments. Nevertheless, you can expect the best results with the underarms, the chin, lips, and the bikini area.

What to tell the dermatologist


If you are interested in removing hair permanently, you must be honest with your dermatologist about certain things. Let them know that you’ve been trying to get a tan. That is an important consideration. Remember to say that you have a tendency to scar or form keloids.

In addition, don’t hold back the fact that you are taking medication such as aspirin (for a heart condition) or isotretinoin (for severe acne). The cosmetic surgeon who will perform the procedure will perform a thorough past medical history.

There are risks being considered, including the possibility of an allergic reaction to the numbing cream that will be placed on the area. Infections are rare, but when it happens, it can be life-threatening.

The usual side effects of the procedure are redness, crusting or blistering, and a temporary change in the color of the treated area. Irritation may occur and therefore treated skim must be protected from the sun.

Before worrying about these things, you must first be considered a good candidate for laser treatment. It might seem like a dream — completely smooth and hairless skin, but it is real, and you can have it. Cosmetic laser treatment can provide you with the result you are hoping for if you are ready to invest time and resources.

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