Outdoor Wellness Activities to Improve Your Mental Health

woman floating in a pool

Many have been suffering from their inner demons, especially when they’re confined in our homes during this pandemic. Most of us were isolated from our loved ones, unable to socialize with some of our friends and family, our main support group. But now that society is starting to recover from the impact of the virus, we can go out and enjoy many of the activities we couldn’t do before.

For some of us, these activities are our “release” from the many stresses accumulated in the previous year. These can also be tried by those looking for something to do other than their usual relaxation activities. Here are some of the best activities to try for our mental well-being.


Swimming is good exercise for the whole body. In the water, you move all your limbs and train your lungs to hold more air. But you don’t have to do what professional swimmers do. You don’t have to swim freestyle quickly from one side of the pool to the other. You can chill and relax while still moving around in the water. It can give that feeling of being in a bathtub but a bigger one where you are free to do anything you want.


When the cold hits, it can be discouraging to move around outside. Winter depression can also settle even in people with the best possible mindset. To beat this, you must try to engage in an active sport that will keep you from stagnating. Skiing is a good and viable option for those cold winter months. It lets the blood flow while boosting your mood and energy levels.

It also promotes body coordination and overall balance, which strengthens you physically. Learn the basics of skiing from a professional if you are a beginner. Then find the right equipment like the Black Pearl Blizzard skis paired with the appropriate ski jacket and pants, and you are ready to ski down a snowy slope.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a whole different level of exercise that can still be fun for everyone. It requires much physical strength that you can build up over time and mental focus and concentration to achieve your task. This particular activity can be scary yet therapeutic as it gives that thrill at the possibility of falling from a high place. If you start from the beginning, a vertical wall will be your practice area until you’ve found the strength and technique to climb a more difficult wall and eventually a real, natural outdoor wall of rocks.

man fishing


Younger people think that fishing is a tedious activity because all they see fishers doing is waiting for a fish to bite the hook. But engaging in this activity requires much patience and some working knowledge on operating your fishing equipment, casting the line, and catching and releasing the fish you catch. The occasional long wait can give you time to think about things in your life while you listen to the sound of the rippling waters around you.


Biking is always good as it benefits more than one person at a time. Bikers get to exercise, increasing their heart rates, getting their blood flowing, and strengthening their leg muscles. Using a bike is also an eco-friendly mode of transportation that contributes very little, if not at all, to pollution and climate change. You can get on your bike and go around your neighborhood to get some fresh air, but you can also enter marathons organized for a good cause if you are up for it.


Last is meditation. Meditation can be done anywhere, anytime you want (with the right mindset). But the best kind is arguably done out in nature where you can breathe in the good air, catch some natural light from above, and hear the rustling of leaves and chirping of birds.

Meditating lets you be more conscious of your mind and body. It can get in you in your peaceful place when you are experiencing some turbulence in your life. Making meditation a habit is both an easy practice and a challenging task that can help you become a better version of yourself.

These activities promote being active to let the mind focus on things other than our worries. They act not just as distractions but as a workout to help the brain release hormones that make us feel happier. If you like, you can enjoy these activities by yourself to continue your “me time” from 2020. But you can just as easily bring friends and family with you on your trip. Try to enjoy yourself while engaging with the world to let your mind rest briefly.

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