Looking to refresh the appearance of your kitchen?


If you are an individual, partnership, or a family searching for a wooden worktop then you may be conflicted between many of your local providers, many clients may therefore base their decision on recommendations from family or friends, a decorator, designer, or even trustpilot reviews.

A wooden worktop you can trust.

Whether you’re completely redesigning the appearance of your home, or simply replacing one of your countertops it could be considered as vital by many clients to read trusted previous customer reviews. A multitude of positive customer testimonials are now being displayed on many company websites, this not only exemplifies the high quality worktops on offer, but can also make the purchasing process much simpler for many customers.

Why choose a wooden worktop for your home?

Where  the modern day kitchen is concerned there is an ever increasing variety of choices for whatever your practical, financial, or design needs may be, a few examples of modern materials available consist of steel, marble, and even laminate. Despite these options however worktops made from solid oak are considered as an excellent option for many customers, for a variety of reasons.

What makes a wooden worktop stand out?

Whether you’re debating between an oak, beech, ash, cherry, or even a walnut worktop you can always be confident in your decision! Wooden worktops not only look fantastic, but they are also designed to stand the test of time, therefore ensuring you’re making a worthwhile investment in your kitchen.

The extensive variety of wooden worktops available

Wooden worktops serve as a solid, and therefore durable enhancement to any kitchen, in addition to their long-term durability however they are also now available in a wide array of woods, one example of which is oak!

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Is an oak worktop right for you?

Oak could be considered as one of the most popular wooden worktop options within the area of timber counters, oak holds an impressive resistance to ageing, in addition to looking great due to its warm appearance. If you are considering an oak worktop for your kitchen then you may wish to know more about the background of this particular wood.

Finding the right wooden worktop for your home

Oak worktops are known within the industry as being extremely hard wearing, the timber is designed to last a lifetime (when the correct care is given) and can withstand continuous wear within the home. If you are considering oak then you may be curious as to how to take care of your worktop to ensure ultimate durability.

How to correctly take care of your new wooden worktop

There is an old saying that ‘England was built on oak’ which we believe exemplifies the classic nature of this wooden countertop, many clients may therefore wish to take care of their worktop to maintain its impressive appearance. Much like any wooden surface, it is suggested that customers avoid placing extremely hot pans on the worktop, customers should also avoid cutting directly on the wood.

How to maintain the beautiful appearance of an oak worktop

Aside from avoiding placing hot pans directly onto the wood, and of course keeping the surface clean and tidy, experts also suggest that customers oil their wooden countertop on a regular basis. This can not only increase the worktop’s durability, but can also maintain a fresh, new appearance for as long as possible!

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