Is It the Right Time to Move? Moving Out During a Pandemic

couple packing boxes

COVID-19 has disrupted many people’s lives. Many countries put in place some form of quarantine and lockdown measure, affecting many businesses and industries. One of the industries affected by the pandemic is the real estate market. Most analysts predict that house prices will fall (though they say it won’t be as bad as the housing collapse of 2008). Commercial property owners started raising rent prices as well, adding to the financial burden of people whose employment was affected by the quarantine measures.

If you had already purchased a home before the pandemic, or someone had already bought your home, it’s understandable that the process of moving houses was also put on hold. However, as of mid- May, the government has already allowed the resumption of moving houses and open houses.

Despite that, here are some things you’d still need to consider when you’re in the process of moving amidst this pandemic.

The Legal Consideration

While the real estate industry was once again allowed to operate, the overall guidance of most European countries is to delay purchasing a new home or to move residences. And if you’re the latter, and circumstances are such that you can’t renegotiate your move-in date, make sure that you are still practicing health measures put in place to curb the spread of the virus.

Neither should you assume that you have to create a new contract under present circumstances. Doing so might have a negative impact on your insurance. Instead, both you and the other party would have to sit down and thoroughly review the details of your contract. Ideally, you would come up with a verbal agreement and personal promise that benefits you and the other party.

Hiring the Right Movers

moversReady to start moving? Everything all packed as you were quarantined with your spouse and family? We’re sure you have quite a few boxes and fragile items to unload. You can always choose to go your own way and find a reliable express transport service. This method would be ideal if you’re trying to be particularly careful about the virus as you would mostly be interacting with members of your own household. However, the downside is that you might have to make many trips before you are able to complete the move.

If you are hiring a removal firm, make sure that it is with a licensed company that has insurance. It might be tempting to go the route of asking friends for help or finding more unofficial deals, but during a health crisis, you should take your family’s and the movers’ safety in mind.

How to Keep Yourself Safe

Make sure you packed all your belongings yourself and clean and sanitize your boxes and packages before letter removers handle them. Minimise contact with them as much as possible and maintain the 2-metre apart social distancing guideline.

Additionally, make sure your home is well-ventilated by keeping all your doors and windows open. There is no need for you to offer removers some refreshments but make sure they do have access to handwashing facilities, hand sanitizers and alcohol.

It’s understandable that you are excited to move into your new home, but it is equally important that you keep your health and safety top of mind during these uncertain times.

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