How to Make Relocating Safe and Hassle-Free

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Relocating from one city to another can be a big problem if you’re not careful. You will face a variety of challenges even before the actual move. Using all the information help you can get can make the process easier.

Get the right information about your potential mover. A software application for movers and packers is of great help as well. Here are four ways to make that big move safe and easy:

Stay Safe

There’s a long list of benefits to hiring professional movers. Statistics have shown, though, that more people still undertake this potentially dangerous task on their own. Some of those homeowners were regretful about their decision. In 2017, nearly a million and a half Americans moved unassisted while a little over 600,000 hired pros.

If you happen to be more comfortable doing it on your own, be mindful of how you lift heavy boxes and furniture. Incorrect positions, such as bending, can damage your back permanently. Health experts and a variety of online article explain the proper technique of lifting heavy objects.

You should also use personal protective equipment such as gloves and safety shoes while doing this demanding task. If you want to avoid the inconvenience and potential risks, it’s best to leave the job to the pros.

Handle flammable items properly

It’s actually better to leave dangerous substances behind. Flammable items that are commonly used inside the home include rubbing alcohol, aerosol cans, nail polish and nail polish remover, flour, paint thinner, oils, booze, and oranges. If you’re taking your griller with you, make sure the tank is completely empty. You can hold a garage sale to dispose of these items properly and earn from the sale.

Do not neglect your pets’ needs

Moving is also stressful for your furry friends. Take a quick trip to the veterinary clinic for expert advice and supplies. You’ll need a good carrier, remedies for motion sickness, and even toys for your pets. Find out what helps your pet deal with anxiety best. If you’re traveling by land, schedule enough stops for them to take quick walks and do their business. Once in six hours is probably safe and ideal.

Pack fragile items with extra care

Woman taping a box

This task is tedious but is absolutely necessary if you want to avoid property damage. Dish barrels are ideal for packing breakables even though they cost a bit more than regular moving boxes. Use wide and high-quality adhesives when taping the bottoms and the sides. Use lots of paper or newsprint to bed the barrel and wrap each breakable object.

Finally, label the boxes in big, bold, and clear letters so that everyone involved in the move will handle fragile items with extra care. If you are working with a professional mover, ask if their insurance covers any potential damage and to what extent.

As long as you can afford it, it’s still best to ask a pro to do the relocation work. Use a great app for movers and packers to make sure your belongings will arrive at their destination safely. When relocating, you’ll need all the help you can get.

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