Is It Selfish to Choose Not to Have a Big Family?

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The subject of having children is a stressful topic for some young couples. Newlyweds may not want to dive straight into parenthood, as they first want to strengthen their relationship. After all, without a strong foundation, they will not be good parents, and it would be irresponsible to bring children into this world without being prepared to care for their needs.

However, those who already have at least two children are faced with another stressful decision: to have a big family or not?

Family Size Affects Everything

You think you are just discussing family size, but it is never just about that. Along with the family size, you will need to consider the lot and number of rooms in the house and land packages you check in Western suburbs in Melbourne.

Sure, you have options regardless of the number of children you have, but there are expensive costs associated with buying too little or too big. It is worth having a serious talk with your spouse before you narrow your lot preferences so that there will be no regrets later on, especially if you intend for this to be your forever home.

What Does It Mean for Your Career?

You want a family, but if there is one thing we have learned from older generations, it is that parenthood should not rob you of your dreams. The family should be manageable without you losing yourself. With two children and two parents, it seems like a balanced household. When you add one more into the mix, it sounds like chaos.

However, some parents are better at getting along with their children, so this might not be an issue for them. Assess how your family is doing so far. If you will need to pick up a second job to support a third child or if you need to give up your dreams to stay home with the newborn, perhaps it is not a good idea right now.

The Joyful Sound of Children’s Laughter

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Some parents do not feel strongly about keeping to a certain size. They do not have any regrets, and they love each child equally. Their house is filled with laughter and children curiously exploring. If this is what you want your household to be, there is nothing stopping you from having more children.

Of course, it is assumed that you have the financial capacity to provide for your family. Even then, however, you still need some degree of family planning to give each child the attention they deserve.

Though it is not impossible, it might be hard to juggle two young children less than one year apart. As a good and responsible parent, you want to give your full attention to each child as they go through confusing stages in their life.

The subject of whether to have a big family is not just about size. It is also about your finances, emotional readiness and family planning options. No matter how many children you want in your family, make sure you can care for them comfortably.

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