Increase Patient Numbers Using the Help of an Award-Winning Dental Marketing Team

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The importance of the internet in attracting new patients

In today’s digital age it is extremely important to have a strong online presence to continue to attract new patients and increase the success of a business. Google is the world’s most popular search engine with millions of searches being carried out on a daily basis and if your practice does not pop-up when readers are searching their dental issues or enquiries then they will be looking elsewhere. Most dentists are advertising online and if your practice is not already doing so then speak to a dental marketing team immediately. A bespoke, attractive website alongside a good patient attraction system put in place and maintained by an award-winning experienced dental marketing team will help put your dental practice on the map!

Aspects of a good dental website

To create an exciting and interesting website, the experienced marketing team will firstly discuss the 7PS of marketing for the dental practice and collate all the necessary information to develop a fantastic and unique website for the practice. This firstly addresses the Profile and the USPs of the practice which make it different to other dental practices. The website will use pictures and videos to introduce the People on the team who will be looking after the patients and show off the Premises of the practice and how comfortable and inviting it is for the patient, including a virtual tour where possible. The Prices of the treatments and Procedures, how competitive they are and any payment plans which may be on offer for the patient will be clearly visible throughout the site to encourage patients further. Finally, the Promises and Proof of good dental care and excellent customer service will be showcased using reviews, testimonials and ‘before and after’ pictures of patients at the practice. The website will also talk about any products i.e. procedures and treatment plans which can be tailor-made for the patient according to their individual needs.

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The importance of dental SEO

Once the website has been created, the main technique of a good patient attraction system is to have and maintain search engine optimisation (SEO) and to use this to its full effect. SEO helps ensure that a website stands out from the millions of other dental websites which are out there, and as most dental practices offer the same treatments and procedures it is important to have the expertise and knowledge of a good dental marketing team to ensure that the website is being brought to the reader’s attention before those of the competition. It has been found that 92% of users on Google only check out the websites which are on page one of their search results, and using specific techniques and algorithms the experienced dental marketing team can help make sure that the website remains at the top position underneath any paid for Google advertisements to help ensure that no potential patient is lost. Speak to the marketing team today and find out more about how these methods can be used to help increase patient numbers for your practice starting from today.

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