Importance of visiting the dentist

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Maintaining good oral hygiene is an important part of daily routine and essential in maintaining optimum oral health. Regular visits to the dentist Stevenage can help ensure that individual, daily, dental hygiene routines are sufficient for optimal oral health. The dentist can help further improve the condition of the teeth and increase the longevity of natural dentition, as well as preventing any issues before they can present themselves. In this generation of social media everyone is more aware of how they want to present themselves, self-grooming is more important than ever and most people want more from their smile than just clean, healthy teeth. This is when cosmetic dentistry is an option that can be discussed with the dentist.

The uses of cosmetic dentistry

There are many different issues which can affect the aesthetics of the teeth. Braces are commonly used in children and adults to help correct issues such as crooked teeth, protruding large teeth, misaligned teeth or overcrowding of the mouth. Cosmetic issues sometimes may inhibit the effectiveness of brushing and flossing and this can have detrimental effects on the overall health of the dentition. Braces can also be used in the treatment of bite issues. Many people suffer from problems such as an overbite, underbite and crossbite and braces can help by changing the position of the teeth to ensure that they meet evenly and resolve such problems.

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Orthodontics in cosmetic dentistry

Conventional braces consist of brackets and wires made out of metal which are attached to the teeth and are the most commonly used orthodontic treatment in children and teenagers. It is such a widespread treatment method because of its effectiveness, and is a gradual process which helps with the longevity of the treatment. In adults it has been found that as conventional braces are the most noticeable type of braces, patients are reluctant to go ahead with this choice, as it can affect the way people feel about their smile during the treatment, as it may take many months or years to achieve the desired result. Invisible orthodontics are a sought-after alternative to achieving the perfect smile for those who may be concerned by the visual appearance of conventional braces. This is becoming an increasingly popular choice of treatment, especially amongst adults, and is even encouraging those who would have usually settled with the way their teeth are, to speak to their dentist and to aim for a more beautiful smile.

Six month smiles

Six month smiles are an attractive choice of invisible orthodontics amongst adults and have two treatment methods made up of clear braces and invisible aligners. In comparison to conventional braces the braces used for the six month smiles treatment are significantly more subtle, as they consist of wires and brackets that are matched in colour to the patient’s natural teeth. This makes them almost invisible and therefore a much more appealing choice of braces for those who may be uncomfortable or embarrassed by the more conventional types. Six month smiles are used in the treatment of many problems such as bite issues, misaligned teeth, overcrowding of the teeth, gaps in the teeth, crooked and protruding teeth. In comparison to conventional braces as the name suggests, six month smiles aim to reach the individual’s desired result in 6 months.

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