How to Keep the Home of Your Elderly Loved One Warm in Winter

Elderly woman with her granddaughter

The old lose heat fast due to the body changes that come naturally with aging. They are especially prone to hypothermia, a condition in which the body temperature gets so low it could negatively affect normal functioning.

A cold house exacerbates the condition, and you should, therefore, pay attention to avoid it. For senior loved ones living alone, it is essential to take precautions and ensure their homes remain warm. Here are some practical ways to achieve this.


Insulation is essential as it controls the flow of heat, thus preventing its loss. Every part needs insulation especially areas with access doors and unfinished spaces. Also, insulating offers an energy efficient way of maintaining the heat.

It ensures that heat doesn’t escape to cooler areas and thus maintain cool temperatures where they are needed. This way, you avoid temperature swings and save on additional appliances. Before winter sets in, engage the services of one of the reputable Kansas City insulation companies.

They will conduct an audit of the house to identify any insulation deficits. They will then follow it up by ramping it up by fitting thermal linings, cavity wall insulation, and draught-proofing your windows. In addition to the professional help, you can insulate your house further by using insulated curtains.

Appropriate heating

With proper insulation, heating becomes more efficient, and you don’t have to spend too much. For heating efficiency, a programmable thermostat is recommended. This way, you can set given temperatures for specific durations depending on immediate needs.

These mostly range from 60 degrees to 68 degrees. If you have ceiling fans, check if they have a winter setting and turn it on low speed. When allowed to spin on this setting, it helps to push heat back down where it is needed in a room. This way, heat rising up to the ceiling does not get trapped up there.

Unblocked Heating Vents

When heating is not that essential, you may unknowingly place items such as furniture in front of vents. Doing this minimizes the heating potential.

The blockage makes the central heating unit to experience pressure issues and thus disrupt heat flow. During the winter, move furniture away from the vents to maximize heating efficiency.


Man placing carpet

Wood floors contribute a great deal to heat loss within a home. To keep rooms warm, add layers to the floor. This may be in the form of carpeting or rugs.

They not only make your space cozier but are more efficient in trapping heat, thus keeping your spaces warm while insulating against loss of heat. Be certain to go for flooring accessories that are appropriate for the elderly to avoid slip and fall accidents.

When it comes to ensuring that the elderly remain warm in winter, especially if they live alone, the heating and insulation components of the house play a major role. However, these have to go along with keeping the individuals warm too.

Encourage them to dress warmly and avail warm meals and beverages to keep them going. Also ensure that you keep checking on them since they might not notice when the house is cold, or when they are not warm enough.

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