How Much Does It Cost to Inspect a Home Over 2,000 Square Feet?

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Whether you plan to buy or sell a house this year, a home inspection service is necessary to avoid encountering problems after a transaction.

If you plan to buy or sell a 2,000-square-foot in Utah, it costs at least $400 for a professional to inspect the property. While the actual price depends on your location, home inspections in Springville may cost more or less than in other cities based on the property’s size. On average, you should expect to spend $327 for this service. Inspections for condominium units and small houses measuring less than 1,000 square feet may cost around $315.

Searching for Quotes

Ask for at least three quotes from different contractors to compare the best rates. Not all service providers follow a standard rate for determining the total price, but there are some usual methods. These include charging by the hour, per square foot of living area or under the roof. Newer homes, which mean those without repairs yet, may take at least two hours of inspection work.

On the other hand, older homes could take at least four hours for inspection. Whether or not you had repairs done on the property, a professional would have to conduct a more thorough evaluation of how it changed over the years.

Coverage for Inspections

A standard inspection should cover your home’s foundation, roofing, plumbing, and electrical system. The general interior and exterior spaces should be included as well as home appliances. If you have an attic and HVAC system such as fireplaces, these should be covered in the report. Once the inspector discovers specific problems, home sellers should expect to incur additional expenses.

female home inspectorFor instance, repairs to a damage foundation may cost between $525 and $10,000. Mold removal ranges from $500 to $4,000 when the part involves the home’s crawlspace.  Some added services such as pest inspection and testing for asbestos or radon could be optional depending on the house. It’s rare for a house to be inspected for asbestos especially if it’s still new.

Other Important Details

The Department of Housing and Development doesn’t regulate home inspectors, but there are others who certify these professionals. You may consider licensed contractors from the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors and the National Association of Home Inspectors.

In Utah, home sellers are required to submit a completed disclosure form before a listing. This usually includes property’s material facts, which enumerate details about its condition and other known problems if there are any. You should clarify with your real estate agent if you need to disclose additional information such as homes being known as a haunted one, which may be odd yet still necessary in some states.

In the end, some people simply ignore the need for a home inspection, especially if they are buying a new property, but this can be an expensive mistake. While buyers should be more responsible for this, it’s not uncommon for sellers to do the same. By enlisting the help of a professional, a transaction becomes more seamless.

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