How Much Should You Spend in Salt Lake City to Recover After a Storm?

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If a storm recently hit your area, you should expect to spend between $2,125 and $2,184 for water-damage repairs on a 200-square-foot area.

Service providers usually determine the total cost based on the size of your house, the severity of the damage, and the necessary materials for restoration. Homeowners should always hire a legitimate damage restoration company in Salt Lake City, especially when you plan to file an insurance claim. You should choose a company that specializes in flooding, water, and mold damage to avoid hiring different contractors.

Factors That Affect Total Price

Your location in Salt Lake City affects the actual cost of disaster recovery. Homes in easily accessible areas will incur lower upfront costs. The need for any kind of heavy equipment or special tools can also increase the total bill. Prices tend to surge as well when demand is higher such as after a storm or hurricane.

The damaged part of the house will contribute to the overall expenses. Individual repairs for decking, roofing, and siding among other structures may involve a smaller price. Don’t forget to add the cost of labor. Based on a 200-square-foot area, professional service fees may cost $1,507 for 53.4 hours of restoration work. The price of materials and supplies may cost around $248 to reverse water damage.

Roof Repairs

Water damage often happens after a storm destroyed the roof. You should expect to spend at least $700 for repairs based on the nationwide average for this year. However, the amount varies depending on the roofing material such as asphalt shingle and metal. An entire replacement for a shingle roof can range between $1,700 and $8,400.

Metal roof repairs cost at least $300, which is cheaper because there’s no need to replace certain parts. The caveat, though, involves its vulnerability to dents and heavy impact from fallen tree branches or hail. Make sure to reinforce a metal roof by using solid and interlocking sheets.

Damaged Sidings

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The usual cost of repairing damaged sidings starts at $600 on average. If you hire a professional, you need to pay at least $40 per hour for the labor fee. Aluminum sidings are among the cheapest to repair, from $3 per square foot to $6 per square foot. A replacement for vinyl sidings will cost between $2 per square foot and $12 per square foot.

A damage restoration company may recommend you to replace damaged vinyl sidings instead of repairing them, due to the difficulty of repairs for the material and looking for sidings with the same color as the old ones. If fixing damaged sidings will cost more than half of the price of replacement, then installing new sidings will be the economical choice.

Call your insurance provider to find out if repairs aren’t covered under your policy. Some insurers may require you to hire their preferred damage restoration company in Salt Lake City. Otherwise, they might reject your insurance claim. Remember to hire a licensed and insured company to guarantee the quality of restoration work.

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