How Men Practice Self-love

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Society has imposed an unfair standard on men. Although we have seen that women are now just as economically independent as men, men are still expected to be the provider. Men displaying emotions are frowned upon, as we presume them to be levelheaded at all times. This makes it harder to tackle mental health for men. The number of men who die to suicide is thrice the number of women.

Know yourself.

The importance of knowing oneself can never be stressed enough. Everyone is unique, so you have to find out your interests, hobbies, and things that light up your soul. Nurturing your identity by allotting time to doing the things you love will help increase your self-esteem, happiness, and a sense of purpose. If you love to write, then, by all means, do that! There is nothing wrong with men writing up stuff, and it will also help you untangle your worries and make you aware of what is going in your mind. Have some alone time and do what makes you happy.

Tune out the negativity.

While gossip seems to be more pervasive among women, a study by Social Issues Research Center found that 33 percent of men indulge in regular gossip compared to 26 percent of women. Although it can be challenging to turn away from gossip-mongering, especially if it is happening in the office or community that you are in, you can exercise self-control, not participate in it, and let the words come into one ear and out the other.

Gossip is the mutterings of the powerless, as Ken Stewart—a family and marriage therapist—put it. People who engage in negative discussion about others are insecure, so disengage lest you eventually be among them. Soak yourself with self-development materials and surround yourself with optimistic individuals. This is vital since it will reflect how you view yourself and your relationship with others.

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Take care of yourself.

Develop healthy habits that you will stick with, like going to the gym, coming up with a home workout routine, or waking up for an early morning jog. Don’t forget to pair it up with a healthy diet. Know the required calories based on your age and BMI, and adjust the kind of foods and your intake.

Also, remember to keep up with your grooming habits. Find a great barber that you can also look forward to visiting. Trim those bushes under your chin so you’ll look younger. Take a bath before going to bed, or at least wash your face so you can wake up the next day looking good. When you look great, you’ll feel great. Doing all these things can be difficult at first, especially when you are just starting, but you’ll see the fruits of your hard work in the long run. You’ll be healthier, more confident, and happier.

Try new things.

Many men work hard to climb the corporate ladder, do their responsibilities, and provide for their families. This routine can lead to burnout or high levels of stress. Trying out new things can help. Grab your tools and do some DIY projects; build a bookshelf, do an electrical installation, or make a wine rack. These are just some ideas, so find out what you prefer to create and start working on it.

Creating something using your own hands can also give a sense of pride and help you reconnect with yourself as you go along the creation process. You can also do solo travel since you will discover more about yourself and how you would function in an unfamiliar place and with unfamiliar faces. Grab your backpack and ready yourself for an exciting adventure!

Celebrate your accomplishments.

Take time to celebrate your accomplishments, particularly for projects and stuff you worked hard on. Some men tend to downplay their success, fearing that they would be seen as arrogant. But come on! If you stayed up late to finish that project or sacrificed meet-ups with friends and you got excellent results, celebrate it! There is nothing wrong with being pleased with your hard work.

Reward yourself and treat yourself as would to someone you love had that person got the promotion they deserve. It doesn’t always have to be big. Celebrate your small wins, too!

Dear men, you are just as human as women! Society seems to be already going against you somehow, so don’t be hard on yourself. We recognize that you are humans with emotions that are valid and need to be met. Know yourself, tune out the negativity, take care of yourself, try new things, and celebrate your accomplishments. Please be kinder to yourselves.

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