How an orthodontic treatment plan can benefit you


A survey conducted among dental practitioners in the UK has provided insights into the UK population’s reliance on orthodontic treatments. According to a British Orthodontic Society (BOS) survey, the outlook in demand for orthodontic treatment remains high. Patient choices in orthodontic devices are varied with two popular options being fixed braces with clear aesthetic brackets supplied by 75 per cent of dental practitioners and 70 per cent supplying patients with clear aligners. In terms of clear aligners Invisalign in Sheffield remains a leading orthodontic solution for patients who are attracted to the device’s maintenance-friendly approach, aesthetic appeal and comfortable wear.

The main focus of teeth-straightening devices is to straighten teeth, but patients should also note that tooth realignment is quite beneficial to oral health in other ways too.

How orthodontic treatments can serve oral health

From improving the look of crooked smiles to improving a patient’s ability to chew better to alleviating debilitating headaches (a symptom of TMD), there are many ways to benefit from wearing an orthodontic device.

Reduce the likelihood of plaque and tartar build-up by making teeth easier to clean

Patients often lament that it is difficult to keep teeth free of plaque. This is especially true if teeth are crooked or overcrowded.

Correct teeth alignment can correct problems with the jaw

Misaligned teeth, together with overbite or underbite issues, can be a predictor of future problems. Related problems associated with these issues include the excessive wear on teeth and the weakening of teeth putting them at risk of breaking.

Protecting children’s teeth

Using advanced dental technologies dental practitioners can detect possible teeth development problems in children even when they are young and can use orthodontic devices to correct them. Orthodontic devices designed for children can create adequate space for adult teeth to grow and correct the development of jaw arches – saving the patient from having to undergo invasive jaw surgery at a later date.

Lower the chance of malnourishment

dental patient

In order for patients to ensure they receive the maximum quantities of essential nutrients for optimum health, they need to consume a varied diet of recommended foods including fruit and vegetables. Without having complete confidence in the ability to eat all kinds of foods (due to challenges in biting and chewing), this may not be possible.

Improved psychological health

Lack of confidence in making friends, being bullied because of a crooked smile, lack of self-confidence in finding a job or even a romantic partner can all stem from not being totally satisfied with one’s smile. This negative influence can affect individuals both young and old, with children feeling the effects of depression, withdrawing from society and not being able to concentrate at school.

Become more socially accepted

It is far easier for individuals to showcase their personalities when they are confident with how they look. This can lead them to being more socially active and accepted.

Why let the frustrations of a crooked smile ruin one’s prospects of a bright career or prevent one from fully engaging with others when the experienced and qualified dentists at a professional clinic can help?

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