Considering seeking the legal assistance of a divorce solicitor?

divorce solicitor

Whether you are an individual, or combined partnership who is seeking the legal assistance of an experienced team of divorce solicitors , then it may be worth getting in touch with your chosen law firm without delay.

Thinking of filing your divorce alone?

Many individuals or partnerships may be considering filing for a divorce alone; initially this may look like a more attractive option due to the very reasonable court fee. Despite doing the paperwork for a divorce alone costing a minimal amount of money however, this can be far more stressful for many individuals and couples, and can make the entire process last far longer.

What could a divorce solicitor do for you?

Many individuals may be conflicted between filing for their divorce alone or seeking legal assistance from a divorce solicitor. If you are feeling conflicted regarding legal assistance, then it may be a good idea to call your local firm to discuss your possible options, in addition to the circumstances of your unique legal situation.

How much does a divorce solicitor really cost?

Much like any legal assistance the cost of a divorce solicitor can vary, depending on the time period the divorce takes and the circumstances of the partnership involved, in addition to the firm they choose to receive legal assistance from. Despite these variations however there is a fixed court fee in addition to an initial general divorce fee which is normally fixed by the solicitor firm you employ.

divorce solicitor

What are the benefits of employing a divorce solicitor?

Experiencing a divorce for any individual can be extremely stressful and therefore affect every single aspect of their life, whether this be their professional life or of course their personal life. With these effects in mind therefore it may be beneficial for many individuals to receive the legal assistance of a law firm, in order to lift the burden of the legal intricacies of divorce.

Breaking down the financial misconception that commonly surrounds divorce law

There is a common stigma within the field of family law that divorce costs more than it really does! The confusion often occurs with the divorce fees themselves; in addition to the court fee there is the initial, normally fixed, divorce fee of the solicitors themselves which simply covers the paperwork, however this does not cover the disputes that can often arise concerning childcare arrangements, or division of assets to name just a few common examples.

How to start your legal journey

If you’re considering receiving the legal assistance of a divorce solicitor then why not get in touch with your local firm as soon as possible? This can make a huge difference to the smooth running of your divorce.

How does early legal intervention benefit your situation?

Receiving legal intervention early can not only make the entire legal process go smoother, but it can also allow your solicitor to identify the issues involved. After getting in touch with your local firm for legal advice, they can promptly start to gather all of the information and files they need regarding your personal circumstances to make the process as stress free as possible.

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