Getting That Old House Back Into Shape

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Old homes are often a steal on the market. The problem is that their prices are pretty low since you have to pay for repairs and refurbishing if you are the buyer. If you are the proud new owner of a house that might be older than you, there are some things you need to work on.

Here are some tips that should help make the house more attractive and livable:

Request for a Home Inspection

Before any renovation or refurbishing, you will want to call a professional home inspector. They will be able to pinpoint specific issues that you need to handle. These may include everything from mechanical issues to mold growing in your basement. Having an idea about the type and extent of damage that you need to fix will allow you to do the job of updating your house better.

Update the Essentials

Heating and electricity are two of the main things in an old house that needs updating. For one, furnaces that are older than ten years are inefficient. You will end up paying high heating bills if you don’t do a full update. Fortunately, experts in furnace installation in Park City, Utah and nearby areas should be able to help. If the house has electricity, then you need to inspect the wiring. You do not want a fire to start because you missed out on some frayed wires. The plumbing might also need some fixing. Older pipes might have corroded and you do not want leaks or rust in your water.

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Get Rid of Hazardous Materials

In the past, people used things because they were convenient or had properties that they liked. They were not aware of the particular drawbacks of some materials. This is why we can find lead paint and asbestos walls in some older homes. If your house does have these materials then you will need to call in experts to dispose of the materials. This is especially important if you have to break down some walls. Even small particles of asbestos can ruin your health.

Add Better Lighting

Old houses can benefit from better lighting. Homes that had no electrical lights will feel brighter and look better. Even newer homes can benefit from a change in light bulbs to something more energy-efficient. For older homes, you don’t have to break walls to add light. You only need to buy some lamps and place them in the right places. Outdated lighting fixtures might need to go away for something more modern. Call in an electrician to see what they would recommend.

Change the Windows

The window frames can stay but the glass needs to go. You will want to install insulated glass to better maintain the temperature of the house. This can go a long way towards making the heating bill easier to pay. You might even want to install curtains around the windows to better control the light coming in.
Many people buy old houses because of how good they look. The trouble is that old houses don’t have the amenities of newer homes. The tips above should help resolve some of those issues. With the right approach, you can have the old and the new existing inside your home.

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