Getting Into the Food Movement: 3 Restaurant Concepts the Northern Suburbs Need

woman standing beside the door of her restaurant

There is a food revolution going on today that is quite difficult to ignore. Everywhere you turn, you see restaurants and quaint little food stalls popping up. Walking around the busy streets, it is difficult not to get lured into a restaurant when your sense of smell is assaulted with aromas that take you to every part of the world. Your eyes feast on the vibrantly red curries and the verdant greens of freshly picked herbs that will soon be the star of a classic pesto pasta dish.

In a place as culturally rich as Melbourne, it is but natural to see diverse cuisines equally represented.

As the number of social media-centric foodies getting into content creation and food photography increases, more establishments are setting up shop. It’s the simple law of supply and demand coming into play. This phenomenon is slowly making its way outside of Melbourne. To date, there is a reported increase of Melburnians looking to rent commercial spaces in the hopes of venturing into the booming food industry. Some are even going as far as considering house and land packages in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

If you’re one of those itching to ride this movement, here are three business ideas you can look into:

Go healthy

Gone are the days when people are apathetic to what they eat. There is a growing clamor these days for healthy yet savory meals that are aimed to fit into a specific daily calorie intake. There have been a lot of expensive diets in the past, ye the reason these failed is that it proved to be unsustainable. Take the ketogenic diet, for example. Keto requires a person to be on a high fat-low carbohydrate diet, but this is proving to be quite a chore, especially if you have an 8-5 job.

Here then is your market. There are still a handful of restaurants north of Melbourne that cater to health-conscious diners. This is definitely worth getting into, especially if you are health-conscious.

Partner with local farmers

People love eating food they know are locally sourced, most especially if there are fresh and organic. Consider partnering with farms that are with a 10-mile radius. This doesn’t just guarantee freshness; you’ll be supporting local businesses as well. As a concept, you can build a menu composed of dishes that showcase each product you source from individual farms and perhaps include dishes that celebrate local heritage.

Get into the food truck craze

Smiling waiter taking order from customer at counter

There’s seems to be no shortage of food trucks popping up these days. This is mainly because it gives business owners more versatility as they can conveniently move food operations elsewhere, depending on market demand, or rebrand the whole store should there be a need to change their concept. Perhaps you could consider joining a roster of other food trucks, so you’d have easy access to an already established clientele.

Whether you decide to set up shop in Melbourne to jump into the thriving food scene or brave the yet-to-be-explored suburbs outside of the city, one thing is for sure: food never goes out of style.

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