Fun Activities for a Socially Distanced Halloween

With the COVID-19 virus still abounding, many activities involving large gatherings continue to be postponed or virtualized. Unfortunately, that means many traditional ways of celebrating Halloween will not be moving forward this year. Even traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating will be frowned upon. On the bright side, there are still other ways for you and your kids to have a safe Halloween during this pandemic. Here’s a list of ideas to inspire you.

Check for any COVID-safe celebrations in your area

As with any other outdoor trips during COVID-19, exercise caution and discretion. Look up any Halloween attractions or celebrations happening in your area and find out what precautions they are taking to prevent the virus’s spread. The Haunting Experience in Minnesota, for example, will not allow entry to those showing symptoms and not wearing face masks. They have social distancing markers on-site, take employees’ temperatures every night, and have handwashing stations in and around their premises. They also have “low-scare” activities perfect for younger children or those who don’t enjoy scarier attractions.

Have a photoshoot at home wearing your costumes and masks

A big part of Halloween fun involves going out and showing off your costume, but going out is discouraged this year. You can always go out for a socially distanced walk around the neighborhood in costume. Another way to safely show off your costume – and decorated face masks – is to hold a photo shoot at home with your family. You can even make themed backdrops or decorate a room or corner of the house that you can use as a set. Post the photos on your social media accounts and challenge your neighbors and friends to have a home photo shoot as well.

mother and daughter making face painting for halloween

Decorate your masks

For the times you have to go out of your house, why not have Halloween-themed PPE? You can make them match the costumes you make and wear them in the photo shoots we mentioned earlier. Your face masks don’t have to be plain. This is a festive way to encourage your family members to protect themselves when going out.

Arts and crafts

Keep your kids in touch with their creative sides. Arts and crafts are a great way to keep your young ones happy and engaged. Some ideas include paper cobwebs, bat cutouts, pumpkin slime, and a Halloween piñata. This is also a great opportunity to create D.I.Y. Halloween decor. Displaying the crafts you and your kids come up with will make them feel proud and content.

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Decorate your home

Fortunately, pumpkin carving is one of the few Halloween activities that aren’t banned this year. You can opt for the more traditional designs such as spooky faces, or you can get creative. Maybe you can get some inspiration from iconic Halloween movies and characters.

You can also use the crafts you made with your kids as well as store-bought decorations.

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Cook up a feast

Every holiday needs a feast. Fall is the peak season for baked goods, so you can go all out with your cookies and pies. Bake a batch or two of sugar cookies and use cookie cutters to cut them into your desired shape. Whip up some frostings in assorted colors so you can decorate them with your preferred spooky designs.

Since fall is pumpkin season, it’s also the time of year for baking pumpkin pie and other pumpkin-flavored confections.

Send candy to your neighbors safely

As per the CDC’s holiday guidelines, traditional trick-or-treating is highly discouraged this year. They also do not recommend distributing homemade goods and candy, as this could also spread the virus. What you can do instead is to leave a goody bag filled with candy at your neighbor’s doorstep, ring the doorbell, and leave. When you prepare these goody bags, wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before doing so, and wear a mask while packing the goods.

Movie marathon

What holiday celebration would be complete without a movie night? Get the popcorn going and play your favorite Halloween films – so long as they’re appropriate for the whole family.


You’re still allowed to enjoy your favorite games such as apple bobbing – so long as you only play with the people you’re living with. There are still many games you can play. You can create piñatas that you’ll later hit or play a few rounds of Halloween-themed charades.

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Even during a pandemic, you and your family can still enjoy the Halloween festivities. If you plan on going out, make sure to wear face masks, practice social distancing, and do your research on attractions and activities in your area that will follow safety guidelines. If you plan on staying in, there’s still as much fun to be had with D.I.Y. crafts, costumes, games, movie marathons, and feasts.

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