Effective Ways to Record and Share a Haunted Tour with Everyone

Vampire and witch opening the door

It takes a lot of guts to want to join a haunted tour or ride. Considering that it’s almost a once-in-a-lifetime affair, you would want to not only recall the scary details easily but also share them with other people. You don’t have to be the only one to suffer or have fun, right?

Craft the perfect retelling of your chilling experience with these creative methods and get them reliving and interested in taking up the challenge. You’ll be sure to have lots of fun while doing so.

Video Cameras

You might think that this is too common, but you’re severely limiting yourself with that mindset. There are many kinds of devices that you can use to take a video of your Halloween hayride experience as well as countless ways to take shots.

For example, you can make use of night vision and prop the camera up on something or someone. You can even put in special and sound effects after you’ve recorded and before you even release the video into the world. There are many possibilities.

Digital Cameras

Like video devices, these are also commonly used for recording. You don’t even need a separate camera, as you can use other gadgets, such as smartphones and tablets.

Add to that the fact that cameras have always been known to capture supernatural elements such as ghosts, and you’ve got a lot of scare potential, even with still images. All you need to do now is to be able to tell a scary story. Choose from the best pictures that you have available to you.

keys on the floor at a creepy jail

Audio Recorders

To scare the people that you want to share your experience with and get them interested, sometimes it’s enough to simply capture their imagination. These days, you might have heard of ASMR, where people use sound to stimulate others in several different ways.

What if you could give them chills with the sounds that you record from your tour? From quiet rustling to piercing screams, sound can be an effective means of capturing and letting people have a taste of your experience. The scary part is that they don’t have to necessarily know which causes what kind of noise.

Journals and Writing Materials

You might know of apocalyptic logs in some movies and even video games, where someone who has already died left a diary or report on what they’ve seen. Usually, they start off normally and then become darker and darker as it progresses.

That’s just one of the ideas that you can use when you decide to write about what you’ve experienced during your haunted tour. Of course, make sure to leave a disclaimer in case some actually take you too seriously.

Beautiful sceneries and experiences aren’t the only ones worth the effort to record and share with others. You can also liven up your audience with scares and thrills from a haunted tour that you’ve been through. It’s only once in a while that you get to frighten yourself and others, so make it count.

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