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If you are ever in a situation where you are feeling constant, debilitating pain in your mouth, then it could be time to call your emergency dentist in Sydney CBD. They will help you as much and as quickly as they can to help alleviate any pain you may be experiencing, and find out what the cause is.

Causes for needing an emergency dentist

It is important to seek medical attention from an emergency dentist if you are experiencing pain, as it usually means there are bigger issues behind it. If your pain lasts for 2 days or more and is showing no sign of going away, this is when you should contact your dental practice.


This is the most common reason why some people would need an emergency dental appointment. Having a toothache can be extremely painful, and can cause you to not be able to work or even get out of bed sometimes. It is also important to get an emergency appointment if the pain doesn’t go away with painkillers, as this means there is possibly a more severe issue.

You may also experience a high temperature when you have a toothache, which makes the whole experience even more uncomfortable. On top of this, it will most likely be very painful when you bite down, which can cause major problems when you try and eat things. Swelling can sometimes occur in your cheek or jaw, and this is another red flag which is cause for an emergency appointment.

Your emergency dentist will always try and set up an appointment as quickly as possible if you are experiencing these symptoms. But if you do have to wait for an appointment there are ways that you yourself can try and ease toothache. Rinsing your mouth out with salt water can slightly help with the pain, as well as only eating soft foods, whilst refraining from chewing with the sore area if possible. Not eating food that is sweet, very cold or very hot can also help as this could be painful if the area is sensitive.

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Possible causes of toothache

One of the common reasons that you may be experiencing toothache is due to your wisdom teeth pushing through. This happens to everyone but sometimes there is not enough space between your teeth for it to come out, meaning that it can tear your gum, whilst also possibly causing damage to the surrounding teeth. If you are experiencing extreme pain from this you will most likely need a tooth extraction to alleviate the pressure and pain of the wisdom tooth trying to push through.

A broken tooth can also be a cause for needing an emergency dental appointment, this can happen at any time and by accident. It is important to get dental treatment for this as soon as you can to prevent any further problems such as infection. Sometimes, if you still have the piece of the tooth it can be fixed, but if not you may need an extraction. Your dentist will determine this in your emergency appointment.

Dental cavities also cause extreme pain, and this is when you have an abscess on your tooth that is infected. This can affect the gums and surrounding teeth and will get worse over time if not treated.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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