Creative Design Ideas for Outdoor Kitchens in Small Spaces

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Most residential property owners would love nothing more than relaxing in their outdoors. This craze has been informed by the positive effects of fresh outdoor air on a person’s overall health. Moreover, outdoor spaces offer more space for entertainment compared to the now dwindling indoor spaces. Unfortunately, most people are not as keen on outdoor living spaces, believing they do not have much to use.

They would rather dedicate the seemingly small space on their Sunshine Coast properties to professionally-built carports since these seem more important than outdoor living spaces. Those outdoor spaces are, however not reserved for properties with expansive surroundings. With the right strategies, you can get an exceptional kitchen in your backyard to host amazing parties and boost your home’s value.

Here are some design ideas for an outstanding outdoor kitchen in a small yard:

Install Compact Kitchen Fixtures

Compact fixtures are the ideal options for space-saving on your small outdoor kitchen. For an all-around and fully functional kitchen experience, opt for a cooking area or grill, refrigerator for ice, food, and beverages, a prep counter, and a plumbed sink. Consider nestling these appliances against your home’s wall or have a modular kitchen island accommodating all of them. L, U, island, and linear kitchen layouts are among the best for small spaces, as they can accommodate these fixtures and still leave you with enough space to move around.

Give an Illusion of Space

The right design tricks will make your outdoor kitchen seem more spacious than it is. Accent and task lighting will brighten and open up your space, improve visibility, and enhance your mood. You can also include high-gloss reflective surfaces such as stainless steel surfaces and decorative mirrors that will reflect natural lighting and make the kitchen look more spacious. The use of light monochromatic colors, clean flooring patterns, and lines will generate visual optics and exude a spacious kitchen look.

stylish outdoor kitchen

Extend Your House

You might not have much space to build a detached outdoor kitchen. The best choice is to attach it to your primary residence and use the same materials as those in the latter. Other than the practicality of this option, the outdoor kitchen will serve as an extension of your home to the outdoors. It will seem larger than it is since it includes the elements of your primary kitchen.

Add Shelter

It would be unreasonable to spend so much on an outdoor kitchen and only use it when the weather is favorable. Some people think that leaving their outdoor kitchens open makes the space look large. This might be true to some extent, but you can choose different covers that will not ‘’box in’ your kitchen. A simple umbrella, pergola, or clear polycarbonate roofing are your best choices for covering small, outdoor kitchens.

With these creative ideas, limited backyard space should not stop you from getting the best-looking outdoor kitchen. To minimize their expenses, some homeowners opt to construct their kitchens as a DIY task. This choice, unfortunately, leaves you with an unimpressive and sometimes impractical space. Professional construction of outdoor kitchens is now fortunately inexpensive, and you are sure to find one that fits your budget.

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