Before You Work Out: Common Injuries You Can Get from Using Gym Equipment


In 2020, people were pushed to spend all their days indoors as a highly contagious and deadly virus ravaged the entire world. For months, people were not allowed to walk out of their front doors for reasons other than to get food and other household necessities. In a couple of places, exercising outdoors was prohibited.

The global public health crisis, the rising cost of goods, and the social upheaval also created an epidemic of stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. To cope, people started binge eating, often with calorie-dense but nutrient-empty foods. Coupled with the lack of physical activity, many people gained what was eventually termed “Quarantine 15.”

America Has Gained Weight

According to one survey, 71 million Americans unintentionally gained weight during the pandemic. Many of them admitted that getting heavy negatively impacts how they feel about themselves, especially women and parents. Most intend to shed the excess pounds not to improve their appearance but to be healthier. Over half of Americans plan to lose weight by changing their diets and exercising.

Although gyms are still closed, many people have started working out to regain their pre-pandemic physique. Several people have taken their workout outdoors through running. Others, however, purchased their own exercise equipment.

In fact, Peloton, a company that sells stationary bicycles, reported a 172 percent increase in sales in the past year. Over 1 million people subscribed to its streaming classes. The company now aims to see 100 million subscribers in the future.

Exercising is good for one’s health, but the number of people working out inside their own homes can lead to disaster. Exercising can also cause injuries, some of which are very serious and may leave lasting negative effects on your body. Lifting, for example, can lead to back injuries if not done correctly. It can cause severe chronic pain that might prevent you from doing your work. Some people have to rely on disability benefits to survive after a disabling case of chronic pain.

Before you start working out at home, know the common injuries that occur in gyms.

The One that Causes the Most Harm

The exercise equipment that causes the most harm may surprise you. One study found that the treadmill sends a lot of people to emergency rooms for gym-related injuries.

More than one in three gym-related injuries that ended in a hospital trip involved running. Of that number, about 31 percent of men and 34 percent of women were using the treadmill.

The injuries reported include stress fractures, shin splints, and runner’s knee.

The Worst Offender

But, the medicine balls should be what people should be most careful using. It is great for working out the core, hips, arms, and legs. However, it is also very dangerous.

The medicine balls account for only 7 percent of all accident and emergency department visits. Yet, many of these involved damages to the head.

Because too much of the exercise is throwing the medical ball onto another surface, it unsurprisingly hits people. Unless you know what you are doing, better leave it out of your workout.

What You Should Never Use Again

working out

A leg extension is present in almost all gyms around the world. However, how beneficial is it really to your workout?

Using a leg extension involves straightening your lower limbs with a hundred-pound load. It is an unnatural movement, and it leads to serious injuries. If you lock your knees, all the pressure is redirected to your joints. You may wake up the next day with knee pain.

Experts also warn that when people use leg extension, they flex their toes. It leads to muscle imbalances that may affect already tight muscles, such as hip flexors.

If you want to exercise your leg, skip the equipment and do squats instead.

What You Should Take Slowly

Doing pull-ups looks cool. It shows strength and flaunts your muscles. However, trying it before you are ready will only hurt you.

Pull-ups target the lats, a group of muscles that are often underused. Women especially do not get to work out their lats a lot. However, everyone needs to strengthen their lats before doing a pull-up.

If not, the body compensates by utilizing your upper traps and your chest. Instead of a strong torso, you might gain shoulder issues.

So, before doing a pull-up, work on your lats first.

While many people want to lose weight and become stronger after becoming heavy during the pandemic, precautions should be taken. Exercise is good, but it should not be the cause of pain and discomfort.

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