Business in Landscaping: How to Get Started

Gardener applying turf rolls in the backyard

Despite what you might think, the landscaping business industry is lucrative. Even if there are scores of video tutorials on landscaping on YouTube, most people still prefer to hire a professional to do the work for them. It’s because they don’t have either the time or the energy to do it.

If you’re thinking of going into the landscaping business, good for you. But just like any business, you need to know first what you’re getting into so that you can make your venture thrive.

Find a niche

Some entrepreneurs make the mistake of offering any kind of service related to landscaping in the hopes that they’ll get more clients with this strategy. Don’t commit the same error. You need to find a niche in your landscaping business.

One reason is that landscaping can be expensive if you don’t narrow down your services significantly. Equipment in landscaping is costly, so you need to figure out what kind of work you’re going to do. When you figure that out, that’s the time you get the tools and equipment you need, such as small compactor for sale.

You can choose from various types of landscaping jobs like the installation of a water feature, turf, or rock feature. You can also choose to customise a garden or add and maintain new plants for your client.

Each task will require a specific set of tools and equipment, so be sure that you only choose one, for now. When your business has grown and you have a long list of clients, that’s the time for you to expand.

Do the paperwork

When you’re done with the first phase, the next is taking care of all the paperwork and filing the right documents. You need to register your business name, get a license and insurance policies to cover you and your new business.

Also, since your business will require more than one person to help you with landscaping, you should look into policies concerning your workers. You have to know how much your employees should be compensated for their jobs so that you won’t encounter any legal issue concerning workers’ rights.

Conceptualise your marketing plan

A Cup of Coffee and Business plan Idea Sketch with Pen

Once you’re done with the paperwork, it’s time to come up with a marketing plan. You need to get the attention of as many people as you can and let them know that you’re the one to hire for a landscaping job.

Use social media. Traditional ways or marketing are still effective, but they’re also expensive. With social media, you can minimise your expenses and at the same time, cast your net farther than if you try TV, radio, or print ads.

What you can do is do a little landscaping in your own backyard and take pictures of it. While you progress, document each step with an image. Post those snapshots on Instagram, and you’ll be able to show people your process of landscaping, which could encourage them to hire your services.

So, these are some of the suggestions on how you can start your landscaping business. If you apply each step, you just might be able to have a lucrative business on your hands.

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