5 Smart Things to Do When Visiting a Car Mechanic

One young auto mechanic tighten screw with spanner during automobile car maintenance at engine auto repair shop service station

Taking your car for regular service is the best way to keep it running well for many years. Postponing required service and auto repair in Salt Lake City, on the other hand, can lead to the deterioration of your car’s condition and compromise its safety. So how can you make sure that you get the most for your car repair and maintenance dollars when you visit your mechanic? Here a few brilliant things you should do.

Communicate Clearly

Before visiting the mechanic, take the time to make a list of the problems you’ve noticed in your car. This way, you can give a better explanation to the mechanic. The better the technician understands the problem with your ride, the easier it will be for them to diagnose the problem and repair it. Note any specific smells, sounds, leaks and sensations, and how often they happen.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

Looking for a quick, cheap, and good fix for your car’s woes? Unfortunately, that hardly happens in the world of auto repairs. Be ready to leave your car in the shop for a sufficient amount of time so the technician can work on it properly. What if you’re looking for a minor fix? Well, you’ll still need to wait for your turn if there are other cars ahead of you. Also, plan to pay the going rate for labor and parts.

Clean and Declutter Your Car First

It’s common courtesy. Don’t bring a car for service with a back seat full of books or trunk containing golf clubs, strollers or construction equipment. You’ll be forcing the mechanic to remove these items to access certain parts of your car or conduct specific repairs. The items may also weigh down your car and affect the overall quality of the repair. Spending some time decluttering your car and cleaning it can make a big difference.

Be Available

Before leaving your car with the mechanic, make sure you give them a working phone number through which they can reach you. Be sure to respond promptly when they call you. If your car mechanic fails to reach you to approve a certain repair, then your car may just sit there or remain unattended for much longer. Besides, you also want to be notified when the car is ready so you can go to pick it up.

Let the Mechanic Do Their Job

Car mechanic checking a car

Sure, you can spend some time with the mechanic explaining the problem with your car. But once you’ve done that, you need to leave them alone so they can work on your car. No mechanic likes a customer who constantly hovers over them while they work. It’s not only distracting but also dangerous. Even if you intend to hang around for quick service, sit at the waiting room and grab a newspaper as the professional does their job.

Taking your car to a mechanic for service or repair is only half the battle. To ensure that you get the best service for your car in a timely manner, you need to follow some simple mechanic shop etiquette that your technician will appreciate.

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