Bathroom Color Schemes for Your Bachelor Pad

choosing tiles for bathroom

Are you planning to renovate your bachelor pad’s bathroom? Or are you in the process of building and designing it yourself?

The bathroom is one of the best places in your living space where you can showcase your personality. It’s the first place you go to in the morning and the only place where you can take those long, warm baths after a tiring day. So, it’s important to have a design that you can call “you.” The experts from know that careful planning is a must in designing your bathroom. And knowing the details of your design is key. You can start with these 4 masculine design suggestions and tweak them to your preferences.

Classic B&W

There are several ways to play with black and white in a bathroom. It’s just a matter of creatively choosing where to put the blacks and the whites.

If you’re a lively and spirited male, you can go with striped walls or chequered floors. Just remember to keep the other surfaces in your bath a plain color. If you’re aiming for comfort, having too much going on with the design may not be a good idea. Black tiles with white grout are also one way of really going into detail with this design.

Or you can go for the half-and-half look and have the floor and half of the wall black and the rest moving up with white. Remember that black can make a small room look smaller, and white can make it look bigger. There are ways to make them work together, and that will all depend on you.

Earth Tone

The lighter shades of brown and gray can give a very soothing atmosphere and even invoke a little zen into your bath. You can start with your wall as the lightest shade of gray and go darker from there. Using certain kinds of wood for your browns is a must if you want to get the earth-vibe in your bath. You can have all storage units made of light wood and your door, a darker shade of brown. You can also place a plant that’s good for humid spaces in one of the corners and place your tub on a bed of smooth, large river rocks to really bring nature into your bath.

Just remember to get a good plumbing service to work with the design you want. You can also go the opposite and use dark wooden planks for your walls and take lighter wooden shades as you move down to the floor. If you’re a man of the outdoors, this is your time to show it.

Monochrome Grey

The grays are a very masculine palette for a bachelor pad. It has so many shades that can work for that monochrome gray design that you want. Using subway tiles is a modern technique for a bathroom of this color. It’s a contemporary design that mixes the elements of the outside world into your home. You can also use the lightest shade of gray as accent pieces in a gray room.

The tub, mirror, and sink can all be in an almost-white shade that can stand out from all other parts of your bath. If you’re the man who likes to accentuate, gray goes well with any colored accent. Try having a yellow soap dish, a blue shower curtain, or a teal-painted storage cabinet. You can choose any color as long as it doesn’t over-power the strength you want to exude in your gray bath.


If you’re the type of guy who’s more down to earth and likes to mix it up, a fusion of black, white, gray, and brown will take you a long way. There are a lot of easy ways to use these colors and make them match your personality. If you’re more into a darker shaded bath, you can use white to create contrast.

You can also use dark wood with light gray tiles and flooring. Or light wood to match your black and gray walls. If you have a wider space, why not go in all darker shades? And if you have a small bathroom, then use lighter ones. The fun thing about using more than one color is that you can bring more attitude into your bath design because you have more options to play with.

Now, remember that colors are only one part of the whole designing process. The type of material to use, the fixtures to install, and their texture have a big role to play. In designing a bathroom, the devil is always in the detail. So, plan wisely and carefully and make sure to choose a design that leaves an impression on you. Besides, it’s your bachelor pad’s bathroom, and you can call the shots.

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