An Introvert’s Survival Guide to Socialisation and Parties

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The ideal Friday night or weekend for an introvert is staying at home, making their own tea, reading a good book, or binging on flicks and TV series. This is a heaven, and many introverts will not have it any other way.

However, there are some occasions when introverts will be compelled to join their office’s night outs or their friends’ weekend parties at home or wherever. And in these cases, introverts will have to put on their social mask, which is something that they usually dread.

However, it should be noted that socialisation is a healthy way of forging bonds with friends. It is also a way to meet new friends, some of whom may help you in one way or another eventually.

Believe in yourself — you can survive such gatherings and even have fun while you are at it. If you have an upcoming meeting or soiree to attend, here are some of the pointers that may help you survive it. Relax, you can do it!

Tip #1: Find time to recover.

So now you are out of the party, what’s next? You may call up some of your closest friends and then have your small quiet gathering. Some bars also have their quiet moments and spots.

You could choose to go to one of the best rooftop bars in Singapore, especially when the crowd is lean and quiet. Better yet, you may stay in at home and listen to your favourite jazz track.

Tip #2: Charge yourself.

Parties can be fun, energetic, and lively — a place where extroverts thrive. But for introverts, this may sound like a chaotic venue. However, if you frame your mind the right way, you may find parties fun, too.

Knowing the parties can drain energy, depending on the activity you engage in, it is wise that you save up energy hours before the festivities. That way, you have a lot of energy to spare. So if you have to sleep, by all means, enjoy your slumber. You could even have a nice massage to keep you relaxed.

friends talking to each other whilst enjoying lunchTip #3: Say no to small talks.

Small talks are stressful. And it can be more stressful for introverts. This time, treat small talks a much more meaningful means of connecting. Why not take a serious interest in them?

That way, the conversation will become more meaningful. Just a word of caution: if you really find the small talk uncomfortable, you are always free to end the conversation. Self-care should always come first.

Tip #4: Don’t hesitate to say good-bye.

For many introverts, parties can mean being in a crowd of people for long hours. Three hours might seem like forever. So if you cannot stand the noise and the crowd, know that you always have the choice to leave.

But, do not do it abruptly. Buy some time, and then tell the host that you are supposed to go. That will be a good sign of respect.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you want to survive parties as an introvert. Do not be afraid to be yourself.

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