Why Should I Look Into Wood Finishing?

Wood textures

In many cases, wood is an aesthetic choice: There are plenty of other materials that are more durable, such as steel or concrete. We choose wooden furnishings and wooden floorings because aside from their compatibility with the weather, existing furnishings, and other concerns, there’s a homeliness to wood that can’t be replaced by any other material.

However, not all wood is created equal. That is why wood finishing matters: they help bring out the best characteristics of the wood while trimming away at its worst qualities.

Moisture proofing

One of the most important uses of wood finish is when it comes to keeping out moisture. Moisture and wood are generally a bad combination. Since the tree where the wood came from is no longer alive to regulate its functions and act against damage, moisture will generally degrade wood until it succumbs to structural failure or pests.

Finishing wood to make it water-resistant can come in many forms: by either closing the pores via blasting or shearing, or simple varnishing to make sure it repels most liquids. This can be more essential to some types of wood than others, and can also be dependent on the surroundings of the wood fixture.


As a material that’s big on aesthetic value, wood blemishes are a big issue when it comes to wooden fixtures. Unfortunately, they’re also unavoidable in the growth process, and it’s somewhat uncommon that you would end up harvesting pristine wood to work with. Finishing can help get rid of wooden blemishes on the surface.

Wood finishes can either shear or stain the surface of the wood in order to get the desired effect. This can be a simple application that can be done at home, or professional grade if there’s a specific look or texture you want to get. It’s a very popular option among restorers and refitters for that reason.


Smooth wooden finish
This isn’t so much of an issue if it’s a wooden fixture, but for furniture that needs to be touched or comes into close contact, wood finishing can provide a topcoat that can easily be handled by human hands. Unfinished or untreated wood can often be very rough to the touch or have many splinters in them that need to be sanded out. Finishing makes the final product more user-friendly, as well as altering the texture to make it more desirable.

Having a smooth surface can really raise the price of your wood fixture, as well as just making it more comfortable for people to handle. Overall, it is very good for the construction and restoration of all wooden surfaces. It’s definitely an investment for anyone who wants to keep their wooden furniture in good shape, but it’s one that’s very much worth the price.

If you’re looking for professional wood floor installation in Kansas City, there are many willing and ready contractors that can help you out. Contact one of them today for an estimate or a quote, and get your dream space closer to reality.

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