What You Can Expect from Hair Botox

If you have been coloring and styling your hair for several years now, there is a high chance that your strands have dried up already, especially if you have not taken proper care of your hair. So now, you are looking for ways to bring back the glory of your crown. Here, hair Botox treatment products can help.

What Is Hair Botox?

Despite the name, hair Botox is not what you think. No one is going to inject chemicals into your scalp to make your hair look better. Instead, it is a deep conditioning treatment that will untangle the strands of your hair, rejuvenate it, and remove the frizz.

Smooth colored hair

After the treatment, your hair will look soft, smooth, and shiny once more. What is great about hair Botox is that most of the ingredients in this treatment are natural and perfectly safe

The frequently used ingredients in hair Botox include the following:

  • Argan oil
  • B5 vitamins
  • Coconut oil
  • Collagen complex
  • E vitamins
  • Glyoxylic acid

In addition, hair Botox is perfect for people with dandruff, damaged hair, dry hair, lifeless hair, colored or bleached hair, and styled hair.

What Are the Benefits of Hair Botox?

Hair Botox has many benefits aside from straightening your hair. According to experts, hair Botox can even repair any tear in your hair strands.

If you have spent many years combing or brushing your hair, there is a good chance that you have worn them to the point of breaking. Hair Botox can repair the tear in your hair strands making them a lot stronger.

Another benefit of hair Botox is that it can protect your scalp from psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin condition wherein your epidermis turns into scales or red patches that can be itchy or painful.

Hair Botox may not be able to cure your psoriasis because up to now, there are no cures yet. But, it may be able to alleviate the symptoms to the point that you will not feel itchy anymore.

The most important benefit of hair Botox, which a lot of people will be glad to know, is that it can help you reduce hair loss. Aside from having soft and silky hair once more, you will be able to prevent more hair strands from leaving your scalp.

How Long Do the Results of Hair Botox Last?

Hair care experts say this kind of Botox treatment can last up to four months. After that, you will need to reapply the treatment. Also, you need to take care of your hair properly by shampooing with products that contain no sulfates and other harsh chemicals.

Getting hair treatment at a salon

If you want, you can do this treatment by yourself. But experts highly recommend that you go to a salon and have a professional hairstylist treat your locks. If you want your hair to be free from frizz and tangled mess, a hair Botox treatment could be your best solution. Not only will this treatment make your hair look beautiful again, but it will also make your strands healthier.

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