What Is An Ortho Splint?

An ortho splint, short for orthopedic splint, is a medical device. These devices immobilize and support injured or fractured bones, joints, or soft tissues in the orthopedic field. An ortho splint provides stability, reduces pain, and promotes healing by restricting movement and preventing further injury.

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Different Types of Ortho Splints

Ortho splints come in various forms and materials, depending on the specific injury or condition receiving treatment. Cast splints are traditional plaster or fiberglass casts. These are the most common types of ortho splints. They are custom-molded to fit the shape of the injured limb and provide rigid immobilization to promote healing.

Prefabricated splints are pre-made from foam, plastic, or metal. These splints are often adjustable to fit different sizes and shapes. They’re temporary until the customary cast is ready. Brace splints, made of fabric, plastic, or metal, provide support and stability to injured joints, such as the knee, ankle, or wrist.

Immobalization splints completely immobilize a joint or limb to prevent movement and promote healing. They’re ideal for severe fractures, dislocations, or post-operative recovery. Lastly, traction splints apply controlled traction to a fractured or dislocated limb, typically the thigh-bone.

Healthcare professionals have the required training to apply othro splints. The severity of the injury will determine which splint is the best solution. Finally, patients must follow their healthcare provider’s instructions to ensure proper healing.


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