What Are the Factors That Affect Roof Repair Cost?

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Roofs do not have intricate circuits or moving parts, yet the cost of repair can be extremely expensive. To make matters worse, roof problems often occur when you least expect, especially if routine maintenance is non-existent.

That is why metal roof repair contractors everywhere advise property owners to act fast whenever they spot a roof issue. Another thing to note is that not all roof leaks warrant a roof replacement. Sometimes the simple application of roof sealant can stop the leak. Since the cost of roof repair varies a lot, it is important to know the factors behind the differences.

Roof Repair Process

For a metal roof, leaking is the most common damage. Whether it is a long panel or modular block type, the roof ridges, openings and seams must be nicely done to prevent leakage. Sometimes, everything is perfect, but nature strikes and causes damage. You cannot do anything about that.

In most cases, the roof repair process is simple, the first step being cleaning the roofing system to get rid of debris. Next, the technician tightens and replaces screws, then loosens rust. They then power wash the roof and cover any gaps. Finally, they apply sealant, base coat, and sealing coat. The following factors may affect the cost of these repair activities:

Type of Roof

Apart from metal roofs, there are other types including shingle, low/high pitch and flat/sloped. These require varying amounts of labor and materials. Materials for a metal roof can run into $1,500 for every 100 square feet area, while asphalt shingles can cost as low as $120 for the same area. Tile and slate roofs also have their different average repair costs.

The Extent of Needed Repairs

Like in most jobs, the cost of roof repair is also dependent on the amount of work involved. As you have noted in the above point, the cost is given per square feet. Shingles and other roofing materials are sold in square areas so you realize that costs will be directly proportional to the area covered. Even the contractor may charge per hour, a factor that is related to the amount of work involved.

Existing Roofing Permits

Some areas in the United States require contractors to get permits for roofing jobs. Permits are often reliant on the value and size of the home. Do you need a permit in Wisconsin? A permit may not be required if only up to 25 percent of the roof suffered damage from hail, storm or wind. Most repairs for siding or roof flashing also do not demand permits. However, you may need to get one if you are replacing more than 50 percent of the roof, whether its trusses or rafters.

Rooftop Elements

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Eccentric rooftop elements such as skylights and chimneys will always need special attention during repairs, something that may affect costs upwards. If they need replacement, the cost will be even higher. You may need to pay upwards of $150 extra to cater for repair or replacement.

The Extent of Water Damage

Water entering via the roof can cause extensive damage, but this problem may only be evident after roof removal. The contractor may be forced to charge highly because handling is an intricate job. If there are hints of water damage, tackle the problem early on to prevent high roof repair costs.


Keeping any type of roof functioning until it attains or surpasses its expected life is a demanding but possible task. We suggest that you only engage professional roofing contractors for routine maintenance and repairs to minimize cost.

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