Wasting Emotional Energy on the Wrong People

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Energy is required in everything we do. You require energy to get up and move around. You need even bigger energy to accomplish something and to deal with people. We get most of our energy from the food we eat. We have a limited source, so we should use the energy we have on the essentials.

However, in reality, we spend a lot of our energy on people. And they’re not always the right people.

The Energy You Spend on Yourself

This year is the year of self-care. More people are rediscovering the benefits of sleep, and they also give themselves some time to relax and recuperate after a stressful year. Even Foundation Chiropractic and other chiropractors saw an increase in inquiries about neck pain relief as further proof that people are now more aware of their body’s needs. They don’t want to ignore the pains they’ve been feeling for a while. They also change their eating habits to develop a healthier lifestyle. This sounds good so far. All your investments in yourself pay off in the form of a healthier mindset and a more productive lifestyle. When you pay attention to your needs, you also pay attention to where else you spend your energy.

Work Takes a Toll

We spend a lot of our energy on work. From the commute back and forth to the actual working process, you need to focus and be at your best, especially if you want that promotion. Some days may be more challenging and require more energy. When you get home, you feel drained physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Everything you do has an effect on your physical, mental, and emotional health. When work is difficult, you need more energy to get things done. Hopefully, at the end of the day, you get to replenish your energy through proper rest.

When the Wrong People Enter Your Life

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Interacting with people also require energy. As they are not an object or process that is passive, the energy they need can be much greater. There is no way to predict how a situation involving other people will go. When they react in a toxic manner, they can drain you of energy you could have used in more important matters. For example, a friend who always turns your words around and picks a fight can be exhausting. Someone who can’t make decisions for themselves may also drain you of your energy. They do not always have to be aggressive to be energy intensive, but when they have unhealthy habits that don’t seem to improve over time and they don’t listen, they will just be a waste of emotional investment.

You have an emotional investment in the people who matter to you. When they’re happy, you’re happy with them. When they feel sad, you want to comfort them. It should be a healthy give and take so that when you are going through something, you’ll have someone to lean on. The wrong people, however, will just take all your energy without working on improving themselves or acknowledging how they’re making you feel.

Life’s too short to invest in the wrong people. Know if keeping someone in your life is healthy so that you will not be emotionally invested in toxic people.

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