Types of Table Service for Your Catered Party

Catering in an event

There is virtually no personal or corporate event you can hold nowadays without catering. People will, after all commonly remember your event by the food they ate the lack of it. You will pick several elements when arranging a catered event, including the menu, caterer, your guests, and your budget. One aspect that most people will frequently overlook is the type of service style for their event. This will make a crucial difference between an elegant and ordinary event.

The quotation a company offering personal event or corporate catering for Culver City clients will give you is influenced by the service style you choose. The table service is the best choice for an elegant event. Here, your guests will sit at tables to eat their food rather than eat it standing. It allows the diners to relax and enjoy their meal and supports the serving of healthy food portions. Here are the types of table service for your event.

Guerdon Table Service

This is a luxurious table service that centers on visuals. It enables your diners to watch their food being prepared and thus whet their appetite. The first portion of the food preparation happens in the kitchen, but the cooking will take place on a guerdon or mobile cooking trolley. This type of table service is used for exquisite events catering to a small number of guests. It can be used to serve main courses, starters, and desserts.

Silver Table Service

This features gleaming silverware laid on beautiful silk table linen. Each of the courses of your meal will be served in appropriate plates and bowls and should be eaten using a specific set of knives, spoons, and forks. The waiters in a silver table service will serve diners in a clockwise direction. Drinks will be served from the right and food from the left side of your guests. This is the most common table service for luxury dining in high-end events.

Cafeteria Table Service

This is generally the cheapest form of table service you can have for your event. The food will be served just like it would in airports, industrial, hospital, and school cafeterias. The food in this instance will be refrigerated in glass displays so that the guests can see it and pick from what is offered. Guests will line up for service then sit on tables scattered in your event venue. The cafeteria table service caters to large groups.

Buffet Table Service

Catering buffet table spread

This form of table service encourages self-service. The guests will line up on a buffet table and serve the foods and portions that appeal to them. The cutlery and crockery will be arranged at one end of the serving table. The food, on the other hand, is served in Bain-maries that will be lined across your tables. The buffet table style is typical in corporate lunches and weddings.

While you might pick the right table service to match your event, the food you serve is the essential element in your event’s success. You should thus spare no expense in hiring the best caterer for the event. This assures you of not only finger-licking but also safe food.

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