Travel From Home: The Advantages of Motorhome Living

RV Living

Being intrepid explorers, men crave adventure. For them, death-defying adventures equate with more action, and more action means more excitement.

But while there are still the dangers of COVID-19, travel plans are put on hold. Everybody is told to stay home. However, there is one way to combine staying home and traveling, which is motorhome living.

Motorhomes are designed for motorists who travel a lot. It serves as their vehicle on the road and their living quarters when parked somewhere. Wherever you park is a place you can call your home—a beach, a camping site in the forest, or a city. Being in different places in different seasons makes motorhome living fun and adventurous.

The typical measurement of a motorcoach is estimated at 255 to 355 square feet. The modernized versions of the motorcoaches include a slide-out upgrade. This slide out causes the RV to increase in measurement by about 100 feet. This upgrade will cause your living area to go bigger by 455 or up to 600 square feet. With this size of space, there is already a decent area where you can move around.

A tiny house can have a size of 500 to 700 square feet. But a motorhome can be much smaller. This gives the impression that RV living is not comfortable. That is not the case. With ingenuity, imagination, and creative thinking, you can make it your forever home. This makes motorhome living a good alternative.

Here are good reasons to consider motorhome living:

1. More Freedom

Adult life is all about responsibilities, bills, and schedules to follow. You are expected to pay the mortgage, rent, and buy groceries. Too many responsibilities, too little time. And it shackles men from a better life that they can enjoy. So imagine the kind of life you can have in a motorcoach.

With a motorhome, you can enjoy driving around different locations. Experience the freedom from paying monthly rent. Taste the freedom from paying monthly mortgage. And for as low as $40,000, you get to own a good size motorhome. This is complete with the amenities of a regular home.

Just put up a solar panel, and there will be no more energy bills to pay. There’s no need to worry about homeowners insurance; you get to travel anywhere, any time, while saving money.


2. Cheaper Maintenance

The low cost of living you enjoy gives you more financial space. By keeping a motorhome, you also save on fuel costs. Home cleaning is now the same as car detailing, for which you can hire excellent professionals. Air conditioner maintenance and plumbing services are also cheaper compared to a regular home.

You can also make a budget for other expenses. Some of them are vehicle insurance and campground rent in case some campgrounds charge such rent. Still, you end up saving more money than you do while renting a house.

3. Nature Tripping

Studies have shown that spending time outdoors is beneficial for your health. It improves your outlook and lessens mood swings. It makes you calmer and relaxed. You get to avoid anxiety and have the power to battle depression. And by this kind of lifestyle, you can enjoy these health benefits every day.

You can also enjoy other benefits of traveling outdoors, like reduced stress and restored mental energy. It also improves short-term memory and sharpness of thinking. Imagination and creativity becomes more natural.

It also improves concentration and produces better eye vision. You can also enjoy reduced inflammation and all the possible anti-cancer effects.

As you enjoy the panoramic view of nature and have better physical and mental health, you can also contribute to environmental preservation. As you use solar panels for electricity and bring your own water tank, people dependent on utility companies are reduced.

This means less consumption of fossil fuels—one less reason for air pollution. And you get to become nature’s hero in the comforts of your own home.

There are many other benefits of motorhome living. You get to meet motorhome campers. You can also make friends with the veterans of motorhome living and pick their brains on their knowledge and experiences about this kind of lifestyle. As you go along the road, expect the unexpected as nature surprises you with beautiful views and lovelier places.

Motorhome living is an alternative kind of lifestyle. As you venture into this, better be prepared with the pros and cons. You can do further research and watch videos for more information. There is much more information online. Just remember, your home should always be where your heart is.


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