Three Ways to Add More Nature to Your Urban Living

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Over the years, technology has grown in leaps and bounds and has its corresponding presence in our everyday lives. Yet even though the average person keeps their phone within arm’s reach all day long, many people are slowly seeking to resist the influence of technology and reconnect with nature.

For those fortunate to live in a master-planned community or buy land for sale in places like the Geelong region, making the transition to this peaceful new Aussie lifestyle can be easy. But many of us who are surrounded each day by the urban jungle can find it hard to feel the presence of nature in our lives. Here are three ways to help you accomplish that.

Develop the skill of noticing

Living in a busy city can, sometimes, reduce each day to a series of repetitive, familiar routines. In the process, we tend to overlook the simple aspects of natural beauty. When was the last time you paused to listen to a bird outside the house and try to identify it by its call? Or did you ever take a moment to appreciate the structure and foliage of that tree you pass by each day outside the house?

Sometimes, the presence of nature can still be felt each day; you just have to relearn the art of noticing and make full use of your senses. Join a local bird watcher’s group, and you can begin to spot different kinds of birds during your early morning walks. Or pick up the hobby of urban sketching. Even as an amateur, your attention will be drawn to details of a simple tree, which you’d never notice if you just snap pictures with your phone’s camera.

Tend a plant

Many modern offices have done extensive research in finding ways to boost their employees’ morale and avoid health issues, such as sick building syndrome or mental illness. Indoor plants are among the methods that have proven effective at boosting our well-being, and you can apply the same benefits to your home.

If you also love to cook and eat healthily, you can grow an indoor garden of herbs, which effectively does double duty in making you feel refreshed and satisfied. Naturally, if your property allows it, you can enjoy the same positive effects by tending a garden in your yard or on the rooftop of a building. Vegetables like tomatoes, beans or peas can grow easily in improvised containers.

Look for green spaces


Your neighbourhood may not have a lot of greenery, but that doesn’t mean the entire city is a concrete jungle. Sometimes, you can get in touch with natural energy by paying a visit to one of the well-known local parks or gardens.

Also, try to vary your daily routes and explore the city, especially on foot. New paths can lead you to homes with well-kept gardens or small pockets of greenery, which don’t show up on any map. Child-friendly neighbourhoods may also have playgrounds, which are hidden gems for trees and flowers amid the bustle of activity. Keep your eyes open, and don’t let your day be restricted by the need to always get from Point A to B in the shortest amount of time.

Human beings yearn for nature. Though many of us may be limited in such access by different circumstances, we can all engage in these activities to sharpen our senses and add a dose of nature to our daily lives.

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