Talking Your Parent into the Idea of Hospice Care

old woman being cared for

It is a reversal of roles that most people are often not ready for when they have to take care of their parents. Your parent is likely to need help eating or getting dressed. The person who taught you how to dress or drive is asking you to dress or drive them to a doctor’s appointment. While this is a reality, it is not as easy as it sounds. Sons and daughters have to deal with this sensitive subject when an aging or terminally ill parent is not able to carry out the daily chores or their health keeps deteriorating.

Unfortunately, an aging parent is likely to dismiss the idea of getting help. You will notice that they become fearful of the need for help in personal care. When an aging or terminally ill parent finally accepts help, they feel a loss of independence, and they mark a devastating stage in a person’s life. You need to be wise and timely when talking your aging parent into hospice care services. You can use these ideas to make the hospice talk easier than before.

Come up with a plan before having the conversation

The conversation about hospice care is a delicate one. As such, it is not wise to spontaneously bring up the conversation without making a plan. You need to discuss with your siblings, relatives, or your parent’s spouse first before you speak to an aging or ill parent. You need to analyze hospice options in your locality before starting the conversation so that you are well-informed. If possible, try and mention the hospice care idea casually before you have a serious discussion about it.

Book an appointment with a hospice nurse

Sometimes the idea of hospice care seems scary because the family members are not conversant with what hospice care entails. As such, booking an appointment with a hospice caregiver is an excellent way to introduce the conversation and discuss the concerns. It offers your parent and the family members an opportunity to consult with an experienced hospice caregiver on matters related to hospice services. The nurse can also advise you on how to approach your parent.

caregiver holding an old woman's hand

Reassure them

Nobody wants to face their mortality. Moreover, ill or aging parents get frustrated since they feel like their children are giving up on them when they consider hospice services. As such, you need to keep reassuring and emphasizing that you love your parent during the conversation. Also, assure them of your support. Don’t forget to discuss with your parent the care offered by hospice and how it enhances their quality of life.

Listen to their concerns and give them time

Your parent will most likely not embrace the idea immediately after talking to them. They will resist the idea. Therefore, you should be ready to listen to their concerns and understand what they are going through and their feelings. Additionally, give your parent time to accept and get used to the idea.

Hospice care is essential for the elderly or terminally ill. However, you shouldn’t pressure your parent. These ideas should help you approach your parent and talk them into considering hospice care.

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