Spruce Up Your Patio with These 5 Design Suggestions

luxurious patio

Spring brings many wonderful things, from blooming flowers to picnic weather. In some states, however, it can bring other, less-than perfect events. In Utah, for instance, residents have to deal with a rise in construction.

You may be thinking of starting one yourself to improve your home. But instead of a costly renovation, pick one part that can be enhanced with simple upgrades. Patio improvement is one example.

Try the following ideas:

Stain the Concrete Patio Floor

Ordinary-looking concrete floors don’t carry the “wow” factor that breathes life to patios and other spaces. You can give your flooring some visual appeal by staining it. The process involves changing the color of the surface to bring out the concrete’s elegant hues. With concrete floor staining, you make your patio look sophisticated without costing you an arm and a leg.

Before you do any staining, make sure to get a professional to fix the concrete cracks and similar problems on the flooring. Crack sealants and floor scrubbers will make the staining process more effective, as they eliminate unsightly gaps on the floor and buff away uneven patches.

Add a Colorful Rug

Dressing up the floor of the patio with a weatherproof rug is a fantastic way to blend the design scheme of your indoor and outdoor spaces. When choosing a rug, opt for one that complements the color of your house or the colors present in the surrounding landscape.

Install Mood Lighting

With the right exterior lighting, you can enjoy the beauty of your patio even after sunset. When lighting up your outdoor idea, opt for sconces, which are lighting fixtures attached to a wall. They help cast a glow on open patios and provide accent lighting to your outdoor space.

If your budget is tight, you can install affordable globe lights overhead. This produces a “ceiling plane,” which helps make the patio feel inviting and cozy.

Add New Seats

sofas in the patioPlace a hammock, a bench, or any type of outdoor seating, so you can relax in the space while sipping a cold and tasty beverage. If you have old chairs lying around, replace them with a comfy sofa with colorful seat cushions. This way, you, your family, and your guests can sit in style.

Install Shade to Your Patio

There will be times during the day when the sun will be too bright, rendering the space uncomfortable. Don’t let the brightness and heat force you to retreat indoors. Install rods and drapes around the patio to provide shade to the outdoor area.

A visually pleasing patio improves curb appeal, which helps increase the value of your home. Realtor Magazine reveals houses with fantastic curb appeal are likely to sell an average of seven percent more compared to residential properties with an unflattering exterior. A better patio also enhances your lifestyle, giving you an extension for relaxation and entertainment.

A patio makeover is easy when you follow these design ideas. With these suggestions, you can take this outdoor space from tired to terrific, impressing your neighbors and guests.

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